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Hot News!
We have moved to our Brand new home on our own server at

Please click over there for ALL our DAILY updates!

Movie Features

Hot News!
We have moved to our Brand new home on our own server at

Please click over there for ALL our DAILY updates!


2002 Movie Release Schedule Just for you we have sat and pored and found out nearly 300 movies due for release NEXT year!

AFI Awards
2002 Results in!

Aliens Vs Predator
Exclusive spy pics from the upcoming film!

Harry Potter!
Exclusive pics from the first Harry Potter movie

Sexiest Women In The World the result's of the recent FHM poll.

Top Slushy Movies What are the ten top romantic movies ever?

Hollywood Power List who has the real power?

Oscar Commentary new column by Blair Bass

Highest Grossing Movies Ever the 50 movies to make the most in the US

Oscar and Razzie Results 2001, all the winners and the losers.

Golden Globe Winners 2000 all the winners

Least Favourite Actor and who he is he?

Movie Oops! Movie stuff that don't make sense

Cinema Annoying no this aint Cinema Paradiso.

U-572 a movie news spoof we ran in our news section, moved here for posterity

Editorial our latest editorial is on unspecial effects

51 Hours a story about people watching Movies for 51 hours!

Oscar Nominations 2001

Miscellaneous Mutterings
here we have a bit of a rant...

Movie Website Reviews Hot New Section, with second page added.

Pampered Movie Stars and their perks.

Five worst Movies ever Movie fan's selections of their most hated movies.

Movie Cliches repeating , repeating, repeating

Movie Ephemera annoying, annoying, annoying

Movie Ephemera Part II the nuisance strikes back!

Box Office Bug Bears it's all about money!

Ewan Mcgregor Interview TV interview about Black Hawk Down, transcription

Censorship new section

Unhappy Endings a talking point by Si Spurious

Alan Smithee RIP Just who was Alan Smithee, find out here.

Special Feature we go in depth on Judge Dredd The Movie here and why it wasn't a success

Sickly Oscar stuff a look at nauscient Oscar stuff

Least Favourite Actress Can you guess who it is ?


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