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Hot News!
We have moved to our Brand new home on our own server at

Please click over there for ALL our DAILY updates!

Vast Movie Resource Section

Hot News!
We have moved to our Brand new home on our own server at

Please click over there for ALL our DAILY updates!


News and Upcoming Movies
all the sites you need for Movie news and upcoming Movies.

Find loads of sites in here for other opinions on movies.

DVD sites as well as shopping sites.

Film Festivals
Links to every Film Festival that is held round the world.

Statistics and Information
All the best Movie stats,movie bloopers, information, trailers, release dates, games and Quiz sites are listed in here.

All In One
Cover News, Review, Features, etc

Cinema Chains UK
All the UK Cinema's listed.

Genre and Fan Sites
A Brand new section for us, a select few at the moment but will expand in next few weeks.

we are members of quite a few rings, they are all listed in here

Stars and Directors
Find loads of links in here to your favourite movie star or director.

B Movies
Loads of sites devoted to the cheap thrill of the B-Movie.

Another new section, watch this one grow too...

Reciprocal Links
Non Movie Links.Surf to these if you want something non movie related.

Web Directory Our very own web directory and web search engine.

Cinema Finder UK Find the nearest cinema to you, very handy if you are on holiday.

IMDb Search Search the Internet Movie Database live here at The Z Review. Search for movies, people, movie quotes and movie showtimes

Cinema Times and tickets search Find out what's on and where and then buy your ticket!

Newspaper Search Use our handy tool to search the newspapers of the world for the information you need.

UK Business Directory over 1.3 million business contacts in our directory

TV Times find out what films are on and when, UK only at the moment.

Quotes get a quote for insurance, suppliers, finance and much more.

Posters Looking for that rare poster, maybe we can help?

brand new section that in a few weeks time should have all the major sites that have movie scripts available for download.

Film Industry
Industry and Filmaker Sites

Movie Studios

All the major Movie Studio's sites are listed here.

Another new section, let us know what all movie shopping sites you wish listed

Results of our movie polls held on The Z Review


Movie Magazines
Movie Posters
Movie Music
Cinema Tickets
Celebrity Addresses
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Search Engine Submission
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