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Now as we all know Censorship is always a bit of a hot potato. Every time we hear of strange censorship decisions we will add it in here to make a resource out of all the stupidity and double standards. First up :

American Beauty was given an 18 certificate in the UK, not because of the sex or violence or swearing. But because of the way "they portrayed the drug dealing in the film. The makers didn't show any downside to it- at the end , two of them even disappear to live off the proceeds- and that does have repercussions. There needs to be a balance and there was concern about the message being given out".

Talk about the nanny state. So we aren't allowed to watch a film and make our own minds up. Under 18's are way more sophisticated than that. If they are allowed to get married, which most people would class as one of the most mature decisions a person can make, at 16 then surely they can watch a MOVIE. Movie after all are entertainment, not purely about education.

Tall Guy


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