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Pampered Movie Stars  

Hey I love a good movie the same as the next guy but doesn't the size of the pay packets and the perks they get make you utterly sick? I know it does me. Now I'm not a communist, and am quite happy with the capitalist way of life but do they really deserve the amount of money some of them are earning now? And isn't that amount of money actually hindering movies getting made?

Take these for example of the utter stupidity and pointlessness of some of the perks they get. On one movie Tom Cruise was rumoured to have had his caravan parked very close to the set, so close in fact that the camera truck had to be parked further away, costing time and money in getting the camera's to the set. Now what difference does 500 yards make to a person walking? Hell it would do them good.

Here's another one John Travolta did a brilliant deal for himself on one movie in that the production gave him a million dollars for fuel for his own plane, which he then leased back to the production for them to use for him!

Arnold Schwarzenneger gets a personal gym installed for him when he stays in a hotel, isn't the hotel gym in a top hotel good enough for him anyway?

Sylvester Stallone apparently insists on a golf pro being hired for each production so he has something to do between takes.

Demi Moore who was ever quick to take what she could get, apparently insisted on a larger private jet to take her from Montana to New York as her luggage would't fit. Well it would fit if they stacked it, but gimme Moore was rumoured to have insisted that it was stacked side by side!

Samuel L. Jackson is thought to insist on two hairdressers for himself on set, can't see why he needs that seeing as he is bald in most movies!

And finally here's one to show how far up their own ass movie star's can get, Mchael Keaton was rumoured to have got out a measuring tape and measured caravan's to make sure his was bigger than Melanie Griffith's one on the set of Pacific Heights! Oh yeah it was thought he wasn't happy that she got a chef as well!

So I guess you will probably never feel sorry for the pampered star again after this.


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