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2002 Movie Release Schedule  

There are hundreds of movies that are due for release in 2002 already. We were away to start work on them for the coming soon section, and it grew into a list. And we thought you might like to see it to get a taste of hwat we have in stor for next year. We are going to work on these films to give yopu as much info as we can over the next few months.We've listed a release date where we know it. Naturally because some of these movies are in various stages of production you may see them , you may never see them released!

Arac Attack (15th Feb), Abandon (29th March), A View From The Top (April), About Schmidt, Anaconda 2, Ararat, Asterix: Mission To Cleopatra, Asterix Vs Caesar, All You Can Eat Pharmacy, Another Day (26th Sep), Alexander The Great, All About The Benjamins, American Girl, Ash Wednesday, Assassination Tango, Avenging Angelo,

Black Knight (Jan 11th), Birthday Girl (22nd Feb), Black Sheep (April 5th), Below (April 19th), Baby's In Black, The Banger Sisters, Basic, Batman Beyond, Be Cool, Birth Of The Pink Panther, Blair Witch: The Prequel, Blue Streak 2, The Bourne Identity, Bumper 2 Bumper, Bombshell (14th Feb), Baby Of The Family, Behind The Sun, Big Shots Funeral, Black Mask 2: City Of Masks, Blood and Guts, Boat Trip, Boswell For The Defense, Butterfly, Brother Bear (2004)

Catch Me If You Can (Autumn), Cold Mountain, Cat In The Hat, Charlotte Gray, Chronicles Of Riddick, Crusade, Cube 2: Hypercube, Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, Close Call (Jan 1st), The Climb (1st Jun), Criminal Conversation (1st Nov), Callas Forever, The Chambermaid, Chasing The Dragon: The Veronica Guerin Story, Chicago, Clerks: Sell Out, Coastlines, Comic Book Villain, The Company Man, The Country Bears, City Of Ghosts, Charlie's Angel's 2,

Death To Smoochy, Dubbed Action Movie: Enter The Fist, Dragon's Lair, Divine Secrets Of The Ya Ya Sisterhood, Don't Say A Word, Don't Explain, Darkness, Dolan's Cadillac, Double Down, Down And Under, Dreadnought, Dumbo 2 (2003), Demon With A Glass Hand (2003)

Enchanted, Elfquest, El Diablo,

40 Days & 40 Nights, Fahrenheit 451, First Wives Club 2, Fountain Society, Four Feathers, Friday After Next, A Fonder Heart, Fight Song, The First $20 Million, Foodfight, Foolproof, Frank Mccluskey C.I., Freedom Land, Family High (2003), Finding Nemo (2003), Fat Albert (2003)

Gulliver's Travels (Spring 2002), Gemini Man (Summer 2002), Green Hornet, Gala (May 1st), Garage Days, Gold Coast, The Good Girl, The Guest, The Guru,

Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets, Halfway House, The Hunted, High Crimes, How High

The Ice Age (Mar 15th), The Importance Of Being Earnest, Incredible Mr Limpet (Summer), I Spy, I Am Sam, Igby Goes Down, Incredible Shrinking Man, I'm With Lucy, In God We Trust, Intolerable Cruelty, Invisible Girl, Italian For Beginners, Ice Age, It's All About Love, Iron Man (2004)

James Bond 20, Jumanji 2, Jason X, The Johnson Five, John Carpenter's Vampires: Los Muertos,

Kind Hearts & Coronets, Keeper, Knight's Castle, Kissing Jessica Stein,

Life As A House (Jan 18th), Lone Star State Of Mind, Lilo & Stitch, Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers (Dec 25th), Lil' Pimp, Last Guy On Earth (Aug 28), Larceny For Lovers, Lazarus, Le Divorce, Liberty Stands Still, Life Without Dick, Lord Of The Rings : Return Of The King (Dec 25th 2003),

The Mothman Prophecies (Apr), Man Of War, Meet The Fockers, Marci X, Master & Commander, Master Of Disguise, Memoirs Of A Geisha, Mind Is A Place Of Its Own (Jan 1st), Moviegoer, Mini's First Time (18th Jan), Mummy 3 (2004), Marlowe, Mickey, Miranda, Monster's Ball, Morvern Callar, Manic,

The Night Job, Never Get Outta The Boat,

Orange County, Owning Mahony,

Peter Pan 2: Return To Neverland, Powerpuff Girls, Pee Wee's Big Return, Phantom Of The Opera, Pimp, Pokemon 4, Polar Express, Puka Pete, P.O.W., Palace Thief, Pay Or Play, Pinocchio, Princess Of Paradise Park, The Punisher (2004)


Rugrats 3: Rescue Me, The Ringer, The Rookie, Run Ronnie Run,

Scotland PA, The Shipping News (Jan 4th), Snowbound, Servicing Sara, The Sweetest Thing, Stealin' U, Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron, Stolen Summer, The Sum Of All Fears, Stuart Little 2, Star Trex X : Nemesis, Santa Clause 2, Showtime, Spawn 2, Stuck On You, Scorched, Signs, Sorority Boys, Sorority Rule, A Sound Of Thunder, Spider, Spun, S.W.A.T., Stargate SG:1, Stark Raving Mad, Steinbeck's Point Of View, Sweet Home Alabama, Swimfan 85,Sweatin' Bullets (2003),

Tape, Truth About Charlie, Texas Rangers, Tuxedo, Treasure Planet, Tusker, 10th Circle Added To Rapidly Growing Hell, There's Raquin, 3001: A Final Odyssey, Timeline, Tom Slick: Monster Hunter, The Trail, Tribulation Force, The Two Fridas, Tempting Fate, 24 Hours, 29 Plams, Taking Lives, Talk To Her, Ten Minutes Older, Tick-Tock, The Touch, Trouble With Jerry, Tuck Everlasting, 24 Hour Party People,

Undercover Brother, Unconditional Love,


Who Shot Victor Fox, Wedding Contract, Welcome To Collinwood, What Are Friends For, White Oleander, Wild Thornberrys, Wisegirls, The Wash, Wallace & Gromit (2004)

X Men 2 , X Men 3 (2004)

The Year Without A Santa Clause



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