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Movie Cliches  

Here's a list of some of our most favourite cliche's in the movies. Be warned we are not being nice...

1. Robin Williams cares!

2. Characters who hate each other, but guess what happens they end up becoming friends or even lovers.

3. A loser, who against all the odds ends up winning.

4. This one is a staple of bad horror movies. The bad guy appears to be dead but he/hey/she/it comes back to life last attack!

5. Knowing talk in the movie about referencing other movies.

6. Bad Cop who breaks the rules to save the day (and really is quite a nice guy).

7. Aging (and way overpaid) male stars and ever younger co-stars.

8. Cold Blooded British Villains.

9. Hollywood Teenagers (this could be a section all its own!), and their whining ways.

10. The magical happy ending.

I'm sure there are hundreds of others. If you can think of any send them in !


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