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Box Office Bug Bear  

Every single box office chart goes on about just how much each movie makes. Why is this important to any movie goer? Never on any of these charts do we see mention of how many people have actually gone to see the movie in question.

Add into the equation the biggest grossing movies ever and you will never know what was the most watched movie ever.

As film fans should we take any interest in how much money a movie makes ? I say no. What we should really care about is how many people went to see the movie. Or if I am really being daring, if the movie was any good at all and was worth seeing!

The Cinema is the only entertainment industry I know that bases its charts on cash rather than copies or numbers. Even the music charts, which are not exactly the cleanest uncorruptible things in the world base themselves on how many copies.

Also getting back to the higest grossing movies. Surely this is utterly pointless. Have they never heard of a thing that affects us all every single day, inflation? In a few years from a movies release the amount will be superseded by a movie that may not have had the same amount of people watching it so the comparison is not fair at all.

Personally I would love to see the charts made up by number of people who actually see the movie, but the studios just love to talk about the money and they probably prefer to hide the amount of people that actually went to see their latest multi part franchise.

Tall Guy


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