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Sickly Oscar Mutterings  

This page is all about that awards ceremony that happens once a year that all your favourite and least favourite Movie people just have to attend. Instead of going la la over the la las we are going to try and reveal how silly or how arrogant some of the goings on at the Oscars have been over the years.

In 1942 Irving Berlin got up on stage to present the award for Best Song. He says "I'm glad to present the Award", "I've known the fellow for a long time" Guess who the fellow was ? Himself. Aaargh only in Hollywood.

Hows this for an understatement. " I am practically underprepared" announces Best Actress in 1943 Greer Garson as she starts her acceptance speech. Guess who long the speech lasts. 7 minutes. How long would it have been if she had prepared !

Elizabeth Taylor is nominated for Best Actress (1961). One small problem though, she is ill in hospital after a throat operation. But trooper that Liz is she recovers and manages to attend the ceremony. Well does she not faint backstage with the emotion and the stress of it all. She recovers mightily quick though to do a photo shoot fot Time magazine. And considering she had just had a throat operation, was it wise to smoke cigarettes during the photos ?

If there was an award for saying the wrong thing then in 1968 Bob Hope would surely have won it. The Oscars ceremony happened two days after the murder of Martin Luther King. Bob gaily opens the show with " I have a deal with the Academy- they'll negotiate if I stop bombing". And to end the show "The Moguls shared something with that man in Atlanta.......they had a dream". Bob, cheap humour is not funny and its not clever.

Laurence Olivier's acceptance speech must go down as one of the most incomprehensible psycho babble speeches ever "In the great wealth of the firmament of your nations generosities, this particular choice may perhaps be found by future generations as a trifle eccentric".......Eccentric he wasn't kidding was he ?

Sally Field what are you on about "I wanted to have more than anything your respect. The first time I didnt feel it and I cant deny the fact that you like me. Right now you really like me" That was her acceptance speech on getting her second Best Actress trophy. Slightly self centred then were we ?

Great political speaker Richard Gere warbled on in 1993 the following intellectual heavyweight speech "If something miraculous , really kind of Movielike could happen here where we could all kind of send love and truth and sanity to Deng Xiao Ping (did he know who Xiao Ping even was ?) right now in bejing - that he will take his troops and take the Chinese army from Tibet". Errm Richard the Chinese government don't listen to the US government so why should they listen to you?

Im sure there is heaps more of stuff I can add here but thats all for now.........

First Update to this section already. At this years Oscar ceremony Hilary Swank's speech went on and on thanking nearly practically she had ever known. She forgot just one person though...her husband ! In the imortal words of Homer Simpson D'oh !


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