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Christopher Lambert  

This may seem very cruel to say something such as this about an actor. But I can honestly say the only Movie I have ever seen Christopher Lambert in and enjoyed was Highlander. Any of the other movies I have seen him in have generally been of a very poor nature. Take Fortress for instance, was there anything done in that movie that hadn't been done before?

Take a look at a list of some of the Movies he has made and see if you remember many of them, let alone even heard of them. Mortal Kombat, Beowulf, Mean Guns, North Star, Gunmen, Fortress, etc. Ween't these some of the worst movies ever (mental note must review them individually) with bad acting, cliched plots, cheap effects, poor direction etc.

Now you may say that is not his fault, but you make your own choices don't you? After Greystoke, Subway and Highlander he was well placed to make movies with larger budgets and better scripts rather than any more bad B-Movies.So why didnt he? Can't see anyone asking him that question though can you?

Naturally if anyone has an opinion on an actor more deserving of this title then we are quite happy to print it.


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