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Harry Potter Coins  

These are the first pictures in the world of coins that were produced for use in the forthcoming Harry Potter movie. They were sent into us from the set of the movie from our source who can only be identified as 'J.C.'

The first picture is of the front on the coins and the bottom photo is of the reverse of the coins. The wordings on the coins are Gringotts Bank on all of the coins. From the top the coins also have Unum Galleon, Unum Sickle, Unum Knutt. Personally I don't know what relevance the coins have in the movie but it must be an essential part of the movie for the makers to go to the bother of making specific coins with names such as these. Maybe a Harry Potter fan could enlighten us with more info? It certainly shows the care and attention that the moviemakers appear to be taking with the movie.

The writing unum is latin for single, or one. The coins are wizarding money in the wizarding world. They use them as we use pounds and dollars. Galleons are worth the most, then sickles, then knuts. Harry potter will have a vault at Gringrotts full of these coins. This additional Information was provided by Wizarding Network

Well its been a funny few days. It turns out that these aren't the first pictures of the coins. HPGalleries actually had photo's of these a fair while ago. Still I hope people who hadn't seen photo's of the coins enjoyed seeing them. I know I did.


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