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Hollywood Power List  

Premiere Magazine ran an article that worked out who actually holds the power in Hollywood. And probably surprisingly it is NOT the actors and actresses. Only Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts and Mel Gibson feature in the Top 20!

  1. Sumner Redstone (Viacom)
  2. Gerald Levin (AOL Time Warner)
  3. Rupert Murdoch (News Corp)
  4. Michael Eisner (Disney)
  5. Jean-Marie Messier & Pierre Lescure (Vivendi Universal)
  6. Steven Spielberg (Dreamworks)
  7. Ron Meyer & Stacy Snider (Universal)
  8. Jonathan Dolgen and Sherry Lansing (Viacom, Paramount)
  9. Peter Chernin (News Corp)
  10. Tom Hanks
  11. Tom Cruise
  12. Julia Roberts
  13. Mel Gibson
  14. Barry Meyer & Alan Horn (Warner Bros)
  15. Howard Stringer & John Calley (Sony)
  16. David Geffen & Jeffrey Katzenberg (Dreamworks)
  17. Joe Roth (Revolution)
  18. George Lucas
  19. Peter Schneider (Disney)
  20. Tom Rothman & Jim Gianopolus (Fox)

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