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Annoying Movie Ephemera Part II  

Ok, hands up everyone who gets annoyed by the back of video boxes that reveal key plot points? Yup quite a few hands there.

Bit of a nuisance if this is your first time in conatct with the movie and didn't manage to catch it at the cinema. Take The Matrix for example, the back of the box reveals what the Matrix is!

Now stop me if I'm incorrect but isn't that one of the reasons to watch the movie, to find out what it is about?

Take Tremors as well , I have seen thsi movie before but just happened to glance at it in a bargain bin and what's there on the back of the box "Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward lead a small group of people to safety". Imagine if you were watching the movie and halfway through, right where the group is in peril, you suddenly remembered the quote on the back of the box. Talk about ruining the ending.

Take The Faculty as well, the box tells us what it is that is killing the kids, but it's at least halfway through the movie before that is revealed.

And can you imagine how much of an annoyance it would have been if The Sixth Sense had published it's twist on the back of the box, there wouldn't have been any reason to watch that at all!

Tall Guy


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