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Cinema Annoying  

Now if you have been reading a lot of this site you will have figured out already that this site is a bit of a rant against much of the annoying things about the movies. And so it goes with this page which is all about the little things that annoy you when you are at the Cinema!

First of doesn't it just make your blood boil when you are sat down, nice and warm , drink in hand, eating your popcorn enjoying the movie and the berk two rows down from you's mobile phone goes off! It does me and even more when it's not just any old ringing tone, oh no he has to have Ride Of The Valkyries or some other boombastic supercilious self important tosser nonsense.Why don't they get a vibrating pager or mobile instead.

Oh yeah, here is another one, people who talk through movies, aargh, I remember when I saw Interview With The Vampire a long time ago. Boy had I waited for that movie for a long long time and I was sitting there just soaking up the atmosphere on the screen. There were two giggly girlies behind me who had been yacking right through the trailers. Now this doesn't bother me as verybody does that, hey I do it to. Now I expected them to shut up during the movie, but oh no they didn't. Fifteen minutes later and they were still yap yap yapping and I was getting more and more wound up by them and I was finding it nigh impossible to hear what was being said on screen. Well as you can guess I HAD to turn round and tell the to shut up! Needless to say my wife wasn't impressed and she proceeded to nag me for the rest of the movie. So I lost out both ways! But to be serious why do people talk through movies? Why even go?

Also poor sound quality and picture quality. Thankfully this is one the wane nowadays with the virtual death of the old flea pit cinema's. But it still happens. We went to see Gladiator, and our enjoyment was utterly ruined as the sound was mono! Was totally weird all the atomospheric sound effects sounding weak and flat.The ushers didn't do anything about it either, was too bummed out about it at the end we didn't even ask for our money back.

People who eat noisily during a movie too, sure I love a bit of grub at a movie, same as the next one, but when you get someone who insists on belching and burping after every swig it puts you right off your enjoyment of the movie.

I'm sure there are lots more annoying things at the movies and if you can think of some more then send them in!


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