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Mutter Mutter Mutter  

If you have been following us on The Z Review at all then you will have seen we can get annoyed at pretty much anything that happens to do with the movies. And this page is NO different. In here we'll have a moan about sundry things to do with the movies and first up...

Shaft's Clothes
Now why should we even be concerned about this. Well, I could care less that Samuel L. Jackson's outfits were designed by Giorgio Armani. Somebody had to design them so it might as well have been a famous name designer.

No what gets my goat is the fact that they amde and sold reproductions of Shaft's leather jacket for $3,500 dollars! Obscene, how many cows did they have to kill for the leather for each one, I'm sure it wouldn't have been more than one.

And considering Shaft was a blaxpoitation movie, the fact they are doing that is little more than exploitation. I mean is there any difference between a $200 dollar and a $3500 dollar jacket. None I'm sure other than the snobbery factor and I have never been in favour of things like that.

Tall Guy


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