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Least Favourite Actress  

Hmmm, for once The Z Review has decided not to completely criticise someone. Julia Roberts has always annoyed the hell out of us here. Her performances have always ranked as some of the most cloying and sickly you could watch.We were all set to give a complete critique of her entire career and pick it into as many pieces as we could think of.............

But after her performance in Erin Brockovich we are prepared to give her another chance. Still if the next Movie is a dog, then you can bet your last buck this article will be about her.

Still we could always write it up about Demi Moore instead........

Watch this space to see if we do.


I know I said I wouldn't write anything about Julia Roberts at the moment. But one little thing made me smile and I just had to write a little on it. Julia Roberts earned $20 Million for Erin Brockovich. The real Erin Brockovich earned $2 Million.

Hollywood, as absurd as ever.


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