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Our Top Ten favourite Movie Goofs. Now with the amount of money that they spend on Movies nowadays you think they would be able to get all of the goofs listed below right. It just show how sloppy sometimes Moviemakers can be. All of these goofs make virtually no difference to the actual Movie , see if you noticed any of these.....

1. Clerks. On The till at the counter there is a sign that says"If you plan to shoplift , let us know". If you watch carefully throughout the Movie it appears and disappears. See if you can count how often this happens.

2. Presumed Innocent. Harrison Ford on leaving court has a microphone shoved in his face. One thing missing. A tape. Just hope the reporter has a good memory.

3. Spiceworld. Posh Spice is wearing an Orange lifejacket in one scene and falls overboard but when they pull her out of the water the lifejacket has mysteriously turned Yellow. Must be the pollution in the water.

4. Grosse Pointe Blank. Remember the scene where the Supermarket is blown up and the sign comes crashing to the ground. Guess what you can see in the very next scene , oh yes the sign is back up again. Guess what happens in the next scene , yes the sign is back down again. Must have been a right doozy of an explosion.

5. White Men Can't Jump. Watch to see Rosie Perez's score fluctuate while she is on Jeopardy. It goes up to 7,800 back down to 4,500 and back up again. Guess they didn't have a maths round on that Quiz.

6. Star Wars. Listen extremely carefully when Luke returns from destroying the Death Star for what he shouts to Princess leia. Yes, he shouts "Carrie" the actress Carrie Fisher's real name. Oops.

7. Eraser. Remember the scene where Arnold Schwarzenneger is thrown out of a plane and he has to catch his parachute before he is killed , well look closely to his back is there not a parachute attached the whole time ? Tut tut Arnie you naughty boy you.

8. Jackie Brown. Does Samuel Jackson not tell Robert De Niro to fast forward to the best bit of his fave babes and ballistics video. Well again look closely but does he not press the REWIND button. Now is that a clever or broken video player.

9. Ananconda. Now this is a weird one. How can a waterfall flow backwards. Watch for the scene where a boat peddles back from a tree, very very weird, or did they just rewind the film and be lazy. You decide.

10. Batman. Somebody must have been on very quick clean up duties on this Movie. At the Guggenheim Musuem where the Joker interrupts proceedings and promptly throws paint over everything and topple lots of statues. Well a few minutes later in the same location has the paint not been cleaned up and the statues been put up again.

If you think of any more classic goofs let us know !


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