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Fans Worst Movies  

Eight Pages of fans worst movies they have seen
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Here's a page that I found a lot of fun setting up. I ran a competition for people to nominate their 5 least favourite movies ever and to say why they hated them. The winner of the competition was Zoe J Robinson and she won a copy of a graphic novel for her witty comments!

Kathryn Quinn

1.Tank Girl Blimey, that was rubbish. Quite apart from the fact they messed about with the country, the characters and all the little details that made the comic so good, then even taken as a separate film about a woman in a tank, the plot was awful and the whole thing was so badly directed that it's a complete chore to watch.

2. The Avengers - again, an appalling adaptation, badly edited.

3. Fight Club, unfortunately. Absolutely *fantastic* for the first 90% of it, and then it all went pear-shaped and ruined everything that had gone before. "Naq gura V jbxr hc naq vg jnf nyy n qernz..". Bah.

4. Independence Day "God Bless... Uncle Sam.. *sniff*.. and the Stars and Stripes! *sniff* ". What a tedious load of old rubbish that was.

5. Bean the ultimate disaster movie. Nuff said.

Shuggy Barr

1. Congo (I've never walked out of a film i've paid for but this is the only one I fell asleep while watching it)

2. Speed 2 (enough said)

3. He Man & the Masters of the Universe (hired on video by my mate after me telling him there was no way He Man and the Masters of the F*****g Universe was going to be worth an hour & a half of my life - I was right)

4. The Avengers (Jesus Christ - how bad was that)

5. Commando (not as bad as the other 4 but I have to include it as the first time I saw it my dad's mate pretended he had seen it & kept saying that a helicopter was going to fly in and shoot the shit out of everything then said that "Oh it must be later on", I kept waiting for that fucking helicopter & it never turned up - I could never enjoy the film after that - even now I still expect it)

Zoe J Robinson

1. Battle Beyond The Stars - 'The Magnificent Seven' in space. 'The Magnificent Seven' was a remake of 'The Seven Samurai' and we all know how good a copy of a copy is, don't we? Bad effects and a very poor plot. It starts off on a planet, where we find a Luke Skywalker-esque hero, who flies off into space to save his people by finding 6 other ships that will help him defeat an enemy so good he's covered in scars and lost one arm, then they get back to his homeworld just in time for a mighty showdown. The fact that none of these other people have any realistic reason for talking to this hero rather than helping him is never discussed. Add to this a man obsessed with old cowboy films and you get something that makes 'Scream' look sophisticated. A very, very bad film. Don't watch it. Not even to see how bad it is.

2. 2001 A Space Odyssey (Can you spot a theme in these film choices?) - I'm sure this film makes sense to some people, but not to me. It's long-winded and plays out very slowly. However, once the lathargic space sequences are over we get a half-decent piece of sci-fi cinema, with all that stuff with Hal. However, it's not good enough to save the film as a whole; especially after that ending. Primates and space babies do not a good film make.

3. Star Trek: The Motion Picture - This film went 50 million dollars over budget. Can you tell? Personally, I can't see where it went. It so wanted to be '2001: A Space Oddysey' and failed miserably. The acting is average for "classic series" 'Star Trek', the special effects are worse than in the original series and the plot has the look and feel of a reject from the third series (generally thought of as the worst of the three original 'Star Trek' series). A poor effort that should never have seen the light of day. The only saving grace of this film is that it spawned a couple of watchable ones.

4. Dune - The book is wider than the case this video comes in, which is a good indication that the film's not going to follow the plot all that well. If my recollection of events in the book are as good as I hope, it means the film begins at around page 50. That can't be a good thing at all. Add to this some terrible acting, the loss of major turning points in the plot, badly hacked-up dialogue and an apalling introductory speech and you get an horiffic film that's a total waste of effort. And what the hell was that ending about? It can't rain on Arrakis - it's a desert planet! All the water was soaked up into tanks by the Fremen! We saw them doing it! Talk about continuity errors.

5. Metropolis - This film is a classic, apparently. I don't see why as there's a blatant flaw in the thinking of the man in charge. There's going to be an uprising to dethrone those in charge, which the man in charge cunningly bypasses by causing an uprising in the masses. I may have missed something here but that just doesn't make sense. Add some pre-talkie, very bad acting and you may get through the film in two sittings, if you're willing to waste so much of your life on this farce of a film. The special effects are this film's only saving grace - they're actually rather good.


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