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DVD Easter Egg

Laziest DVD's : A - D  

This section is all about the DVD's that have completely forgotten about the potential to enhance a movie with extra content on its release on DVD. Whether this is intentional or not we really cannot say.
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Ace Ventura Pet Detective Addicted To Love Adventures Of Huck Finn
Air Force One Aladdin & The King Of Thieves Arachnaphobia
Arlington Road Armageddon Assassin, The
Avengers, The    
Babe Batman & Robin Bean
Beauty & Beast (Enchanted Xmas) Beloved Blank Cheque
Blown Away Bodyguard, The Bonnie & Clyde
Borrowers, The Bonfire Of The Vanities  
California Man Camelot The Color Of Money
Con Air Conspiracy Theory Cop Land
The Crow Caligula Carry On Doctor
Carry On At Your Convenience Carry On Girls  
Dangerous Liasons Dangerous Minds That Darn Cat
Dead Poets Society Dead Presidents Deceived
Defence Of The Realm Demolition Man Dick Tracy
Die Hard With A Vengeance Dirty Harry Disclosure
Dog Day Afternoon Dumbo Dead Calm
Dumb & Dumber    
DVD Easter Eggs A - Z
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