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DVD Easter Egg

DVD Easter Eggs : H  

Easter Egg :Hidden animation
Go to the main menu and press the left arrow key. This should highlight the oval “Hackers” logo. Then press the “Enter” key and a screen with four passwords will appear. Choose “God” and you will see a small animation.

Easter Egg :Hidden Dancers
Select the logo on the main menu for a dancing loop.

Easter Egg :Hidden Killing Scenes
This egg only works on the regular edition, not the special edition and it's only on the Widescreen side of the disc. Play TITLE 4 and you'll see all of the death scenes in the order of their appearance and when it's done it'll bring you to a KILL EM ALL menu with a creepy picture.

Easter Egg :Hidden trailers
From the disc's main menu select the triangular Trimark logo in the lower right corner and press 'Enter' You will now see trailers to 'Slam' and 'Another Day In Paradise'.

Hard Eight
Easter Egg :Hidden audio track
After running the movie, during the end credits, the song 'Christmastime' by Michael Penn and Aimee Mann is usually playing while the credits roll. However, if you switch to the alternative audio track that usually contains the audio commentary, you will notice that instead, 'I should've known' by Aimee Mann is suddenly playing over the end credits.

The Hard Way
Easter Egg :Hidden music video
From the disc's main menu go to the 'Special Features' menu where you will find a featurette and a LL Cool J music video that have not been advertised anywhere.

The Hidden
Easter Egg :Hidden trailers
From the disc's main menu, go to the 'Special Features' selection. In here select the 'Cast & Crew' menu entry that will take you to selected biographies. If you explore the biography and filmography of actor Kyle MacLachlan you will find trailers to 'One Night Stand' and the feature film 'Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.' If you go to director Jack Sholder's biography and filmography, you will also find a trailer for 'A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge.'

Highlander: Endgame
Easter Egg :Trivia game
On the main menu of disc 1, push the left arrow on the remote. A watcher emblem should highlight in yellow. hit enter. it will tell you there are 5 more on the disc like it, once you read all 6, you can play the trivia game. level 1 is easy, 2 is semi-easy, 3 is hard. 3 uses answers from those eggs.

Easter Egg :Hidden DVD credits
Go to the disc's main menu and then select the New Line logo. If you press 'Enter' now you will see a credit screen with information about the people who made the DVD.

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