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DVD Easter Egg

DVD Easter Eggs : L  

L.A. Story
Easter Egg :Extra interviews
Main menu: push left... see an interview with the director (Mick Jackson)Special features menu: push left: interview with Steve Martin Cast and Crew menu: Steve Martin: push up in the first page: interview with Victoria Tennant push up on the second page: another interview with Mick Jackson. last page of the filmography pages, push up: another interview with Steve Victoria Tennant: first page, push up: interview with Victoria Mick Jackson: push up on first page: another interview with Mick

The Last Starfighter
Easter Egg :Hidden movie trailer
Go to the Special Features menu, press the right arrow key to get to the second page and then select the cast & crew biographies. In director Nick Castle’s filmography that follows his biography you will find a reference to “Major Payne”. Select it and press “Enter” to watch the trailer.

Leaving Las Vegas
Easter Egg :Hidden List of "Special" Actresses
Hit the right arrow key of your remote control in the menu screen. It will highlight one of the playing cards and if you hit “Enter”, it will take you to the “Ivy League Graduates who have portrayed prostitutes on film”

Liar Liar
Easter Egg :Hidden trailers
Go to the cast & crew biographies from the disc's bonus materials section that is accessible from the main menu. Under director Tom Shadyac's biography, you will find trailers for his other films 'Patch Adams' and 'The Nutty Professor'.

The Limey
Easter Egg :Comical Bio
Hidden within the disc's 'Cast and Crew' biographies, accessible from the disc's 'Special Features' menu, select the biography of producer 'Scott Kramer.' Unlike a real biography of the producer, the creators of the DVD have created a very funny, made-up life story for the man. It includes references to Mormon Turtle Farms and Steven Soderbergh's second sister to the left. Bizzare!

Little Nicky
Easter Egg :Hidden 'Lord of The Rings' Trailer & Assorted Bloopers
Go to the special features menu, choose "central park" portal, when the menu w/adam sandler sitting on the bench pops up, scroll until you see a halo over sandlers head, click the halo to see the "lord of the rings" part 1 trailer.Get to the special features screen with Nicky sitting on the bench. Scroll until you get to the halo over his head. Don't push enter. Instead on your remote push: Left arrow, Down arrow, and then Right arrow. This will take you to the movie. Click the skip button and you will see a blue bar across the bottom of the screen. Press on the highlighted areas to see a treasure trove of bloopers, shortcuts, outtakes, music videos, and a very strange scene between Allen Covert and Clint Howard that didn't quite make the film.Go to special features and select deleted scenes. Once there Chubbs will start singing "It's all in the hips" DON'T PRESS ANYTHING. After Chubbs is done singing you'll be treated to a clip you'll have to see to believe.

Lost In Space
Easter Egg :Quiz Answers and Joke Reel
In Features menu go to Your Mission. This takes you to a testing page where it askes you questions. The answers to the questions are. C, B, C, B, B, A, C, D, 1965, 1966, 1966, 1980, 15, 1997, 4, 1992. This will now take you to the "Joke Reel" for some outtakes.

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