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DVD Easter Egg

DVD Easter Eggs : B  

Battlefield Earth
Easter Egg :
Hidden Behind the Scenes Shots
On the special features screen, push the right button and you will see an icon appear in light blue, then press enter. If you click on continue to the next page there is also one there in the same spot. There is also one more in the same spot on the languages page and on the cast and crew page and on the scene selection 7-12 page. During the comentary with the director, the icon will appear from time to time, press enter when it appears for a "follow the white rabbit" type interaction like in the Matrix dvd.

Easter Egg : Deleted Scene
From the disc's main menu, go to 'Special Features' , then select 'more' to get to the second page of the special features. Press the right arrow, and a 'little devil' will appear on Elizabeth Hurley's shoulder. Press enter or Play, and the deleted scene will play.

Being John Malkovich
Easter Egg : Hidden Music
From the disc's main menu, go to the 'Language' section. There you will hear the song 'Amphibian' by Bjork in its entirety while you are making your scene selections. Several other menu screens on the disc also feature complete tracks from the movie's soundtrack, like 'Malkovich, Malkovich' in the titular actor's biography in the 'Cast & Crew' section.

Easter Egg: Reading of the 'Besieged' Book
In the 'Special Features' section of the disc, accessible through the main menu, you can select a second commentary track. It is a reading of the book, 'The Siege', by the author.

Best Laid Plans
Easter Egg :Hidden DVD Production Credits & Trailer
Go down to the 'Deleted Scenes' section of the 'Special Features' menu and then use your arrow key to highlight the word 'Features'. If you press 'Enter' now, you will get to see a screen with the DVD production credits. Trailer for Ravenous can be found in the biography of screenwriter Ted Griffin in the 'Cast & Crew' menu located in the 'Special Features' section of the disc.

The Best Man
Easter Egg : Hidden Music Videos
Bring up the DVD's main menu and there navigate to the 'Bonus Materials' section. Once there, select the 'Columbia/Sony Music Soundtracks Presentation' and before it actually plays, you will be treated to complete music videos of Maxwell’s 'Let’s Not Play The Game' followed by Genuwine, R.L., Tyrese and Case’s 'The Best Man I Can Be'.

The Big Chill
Easter Egg : Off Screen Name Announcement
If you select the disc’s Spanish soundtrack and run the movie you can actually hear all the star’s names announced by an off-screen voice during the film’s opening credits.

The Big Easy
Easter Egg :Trailers of other Trimark Releases
Go to the disc’s main menu and highlight the Trimark logo by pressing the left arrow key. If you press 'Enter' now, you will see trailers to 'Love And A .45' and 'Phoenix'.

Big Trouble In Little China
Easter Egg :Hidden Trailers
On the second disc highlight the Richard Edlund interview and hit the left arrow on your remote. A pair of eyes is highlighted on the side of the screen. Here you find trailers for this movie as well as The Fly and Aliens.

Billy Madison
Easter Egg :Hidden Movie Trailers
To find them go to Adam Sandler’s filmography in the 'Cast & Crew Bio' section.

Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows
Easter Egg :Hidden Trailer
All throughout the menus you will see letters of the witches alphabet. If you go through and select every letter there is and read the description of each letter you will be shown a hidden trailer of the movie that was never shown in theaters. Very spooky looking. You must exit out of the letter's description on the very last letter in order to see the trailer.

The Blair Witch Project
Easter Egg :Trailers For Upcoming Releases
From the disc's main menu, go to the 'Special Features'. Now press the arrow down key on your remote control until you highlight the well-known 'Blair Witch' stick-figure symbol. Now press 'Enter' and you will see 2 teaser clips for 'The Blair Witch Project' as well as a trailer for the upcoming 'The Stand'.

Blue Velvet
Easter Egg :Hidden Movie Collage
Go the disc's main menu where you will see a number of menu selections. Highlight on 'Play Movie' and then press the left arrow key on your remote control. This will bring up an entirely new menu entry called "Strange World" in the upper half of the screen. Press "Enter" now and you will be taken to an interesting collage of scenes from the movie, combined with interesting messages.

Boogie Nights
Easter Egg :Hidden Bloopers
If you enter color bars and wait about 20 seconds the bars will disappear and you get bloopers from the movies. Short, but includes a shot of John C. Riley's ass.

Easter Egg :Hidden Scenes
If you fast forward on the last listed deleted scene there are at least four more, including two alternate endings

Easter Egg : Hidden Trailers
From the disc's main menu, go to the 'Recommendations' menu. Here you will find trailers for 'The Nutty Professor', 'Liar Liar' and 'edTV'.

Box of Moonlight
Easter Egg : A Full Length running commentary track by the director
From the main menu go to the 'Special Feature' and you will find an entry that allows you to turn the commentary track on and off.

Brain Damage
Easter Egg :Trailer for the Film
From the disc's main menu, go to the 'Special Features' and from there go to the filmographies. Select 'Basketcase' and press 'Enter'. This will let you see a trailer for the film.

Bride of Chucky
Easter Egg :Hidden Movie Trailer
From the disc’s main menu go to cast & crew biographies where you then select Brad Dourif, who lends his voice talent to the killer doll Chucky. In his film highlight section you will then find a trailer to “Child’s Play 2”.

Bring It On
Easter Egg :Easter Egg of the Director
Highlight and press "languages" then go down and highlight "menu" and then press right. This will highlight a megaphone then press enter.

The Burbs
Easter Egg :Alternate Ending
Go to the disc’s main menu and select the “Special Features”. There you will find a menu entry that takes you to an alternate ending of the film.

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