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DVD Easter Egg

DVD Easter Eggs : M  

Easter Egg:Hidden Bloopers
If you enter color bars and wait about 20 seconds the bars will disappear and you get bloopers from the movies.

Easter Egg :Kevin Smith yelling at you!
Go to the disc’s “Special Features” menu and select the “Deleted Scenes”. Then, press the right arrow key to highlight the robot’s eyes. If you press “Enter” now, director Kevin Smith and another View Askew staff member will remind you to stop looking for Easter Eggs on DVD's

Man on The Moon
Easter Egg :Hidden clips of Andy Kaufman
On the main menu highlight ANDY then it will bring up a mini bio on Andy Kaufman. At the bottom its says " This is HIS story." Little icons will appear on this line. Hit the up button to reveal old clips of great Andy moments, plus a shamelss plug to promote Bob Zmuda's book Andy Kaufman Revealed!

Mars Attacks
Easter Egg :Martian Audio Track
Go to the soundtrack selection in your menu and select the Martian Audio Track. You will see a screen shot and some funny, garbled Martian dialogue

The Matrix
Easter Egg:Advertised hidden features
From the disc's main menu go to the 'Special Features' and there select 'The Dream World'. Apart from the text menu entries you will also see a red pill. Select it and you will be taken to the 'What Is Bullet Time?' documentary. Also in the 'Special Features' section, go to 'Cast & Crew Bios' and there select the Wachowski Brothers. This will bring up another red pill. Select it and it takes you to a 12-minute documentary called 'What Is Concept?'

Me, Myself & Irene
Easter Egg :Hidden Gag Reel
Go into the Bonus Features and then into the deleted scenes and go over to resume movie and press down you should see Jim Carrey`s face pop up at the bottom of the screen press enter on your remote and you get a GAG-REEL. 1. put in me, myself and irene, when it opens to main screen DONT TOUCH ANY BUTTONS ON YOUR REMOTE. 2. the scenes at the bottom will play, let them cycle through twice. 3. after this, a pop up will come asking charlie if he wants to take his medication. if u click yes, nothing happens, but if you click no, you are taken to an alternate opening screen with hank instead of charlie. to get back to the original, turn off the player At the Main Menu, put the unicorn at Scene Selection and leave it there until a yellow sign comes up. Quickly move the cursor up to "No thanks I feel fine" and hit select. The Screen will distort and turn pink. From the pink Menu select Bonus Features. From Bonus Features select Extended branching version. Then when back at the pink menu select play.You can see what happened to Jim Carrey's missing thumb. A short clip appears at the end of the movie after the credits but before the end of the final chapter.

Men in Black
Easter Egg :Mystery Science theater 2000
If your remote has a subtitle button press it until you get to "6: English" this will display a MST3K like team under the movie

Mercury Rising
Easter Egg :Hidden code on Language Selection Screen
Go to Language Selection screen, go down to "Menu" button, and a hidden button saying "Crack the Code" will be displayed. Select this.

Miss Congeniality
Easter Egg :Deleted Scenes
In the special features menu are two behind-the-scenes documentaries, "Preparing for the Pageant" and "The Pageant." Watch either documentary to the end (or fast forward through it) and you will find a couple of deletes scenes after the behind-the-scenes stuff finishes. There are different deleted scenes after each documentary.

Mortal Kombat Annihliation
Easter Egg : MK2 Rescue
In the special features menu, go left or up from the first selection. The monster's eye will be highlighted. Select it and it will take you to a menu with 4 keys. Hit the following directions on your dvd remote, left, right, down and up. It will then show the part of the movie where Liu rescues Kitana.

The Mummy
Easter Egg :Hidden Soundtrack
Go to the disc's main menu and select the Language menu. Once the animation is done you will hear the soundtrack in its entirety as background music for the menu screen.

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