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DVD Easter Egg

DVD Easter Eggs : C  

Carnival of Souls
Easter Egg :Hidden Movie Trailers
On the disc's main menu, select the triangular Trimark logo and then press 'Enter'. you will now see trailers to Trimark's 'Dead Alive' and 'The Dentist'.

Easter Egg :8 different trailers on "Casablanca"
Go to the 'Special Features' menu from the disc’s main menu and you will find trailers to 'The Petrified Forest', 'High Sierra', 'The Maltese Falcon', 'Passage To Marseille', 'To Have And Have Not', 'The Big Sleep', 'Treasure Of The Sierra Madre', and 'Key Largo'

Chairman of The Board
Easter Egg :Alternate audio track
As an alternate audio track you can find an entertaining, running length commentary track with the film’s star Carrot Top.

Easter Egg :Hidden interview snippets
If you select “Robert Downey Jr.”, each one of the screens describing his career contains a hidden feature - mostly snippets from a video interview. Use your arrow up key to highlight the Charlie Chaplin symbol on each of those screens and then press “Enter” to start the extra. The same procedure works in some of the biography screens for Kevin Kline and Anthony Hopkins.

Charlie's Angels
Easter Egg :Many hidden features
Go to Special Features. Special Feature Page #1: Highlight Get G'd Up & Press right on remote. Accesses a short video clip of all 3 girls twilrling there hair around. Special Feature Page #2: Use the remote to go the the second special feature page, the one with Bosley on the left. The go up on selection then press left on your remote. This should put a square around a section of Bosely's suit. Hit enter and watch!. Special Feature Page #3: Highlight the arrow at the bottom and press right on the remote. Access a short video of some behind the scenes action.

Chasing Amy
Easter Egg :Hidden Introduction to color bars
There is a section on the DVD which contains color bars (color bars entry on the menu) to allow for adjusting your television set. However, when you view these color bars, you will see a small "introduction" to these color bars by Smith, Afflek, Mewes and Mosier.

Child's Play 2
Easter Egg :Hidden Trailer
Go under the cast and crew bographies, and then go under Brad Dourif. You can then click on "Bride of Chucky" and view the trailer for the fourth film in the Child's Play series.

Chill Factor
Easter Egg :Hidden Alternate Ending
The alternate ending is shown after finishing the trivia, but it can also be directly accessed. It is located in the disc's title 14, chapter 1.

Chinese Box
Easter Egg :Hidden movie trailers
Bring up the menu and go all the way down to the last entry. Then press the right arrow key and the Trimark logo will be highlighted. If you press 'Enter' now you will see trailers to 'Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss', 'Cube' and 'Slam'.

The City of Lost Children
Easter Egg :Commentary and Photo Gallery
Accessible from the disc's menus, you will find a full length commentary track by director Jean-Pierre Jeunet and actor Ron Perlman on the disc, as well as photo galleries with Production Sketches, and Jean-Paul Gaultier's costume designs.

Easter Egg :Hidden Trailers
Go to the disc’s main menu and the press the right arrow button to highlight the Trimark logo. Pressing 'Enter' now will present you with trailers from Trimark’s 'Slam', 'The Curve' and 'Carnival Of Souls'.

Easter Egg :Hidden Trailers
Select Trimark logo on main screen to access restricted audience trailer for Cut and all audience trailers for Attraction and Blood Surf

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