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DVD Easter Egg

DVD Easter Eggs : G  

Galaxy Quest
Easter Egg :Hidden interviews
From the disc's main menu go to the 'Cast and Crew Biographies.' In the biographies of actors Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shaloub, Daryl Mitchell and Sam Rockwell you will find small buttons that you can highlight using your remote. If you press 'Enter' they will reveal some interview clips with the star talking about the movie. You can find the same buttons in the biographies of director Dean Parisot and the movie's Creature Effects crew. The main menu has an omega 13 option to which access is denied but if you first watch the movie and then select it the omega 13 will explode, implode, play the main menu sequence in reverse, and replay the sequence bringing you back to where you started.

The Game
Easter Egg : hidden teaser and trailer
Head to the Special Features section from the main menu and you will see a teaser and a trailer for the movie.

Easter Egg:Hidden Chicken Run Trailer
If you sit through the end of the credits of the Hans Zimmer docu on the second disc, you will find a Gladiator-inspired trailer for Chicken Run.Highlight eagle on Richard Harris' breastplate and you get the trailer to Chicken Run.Go to the storyboard for the Rhino scene that never made it into the film and when on the actual storyboards press up to highlight the Rhino on the first screen, this will take you to a computer generated Rhino which gives you a glimpse of what might have been. Go to the storybords menu on the extras disk select the Rhino story board. Once selected (storyboard shown) click up with your controler and hilight the rhino on the second board select it and voila a hidden menu with footage and other bits.
On the second disc go into the "Cast & Crew Bios" section. Enter Ridley Scott's biography and on the last page when you run out of 'next' buttons hit 'right' on your contoller pad anyway and you will unlock a secret credits page for the DVD creators

Gleaming The Cube
Easter Egg :Documentary
From the main menu of the disc, go to the 'Special Features'. When you get there, press the right arrow button to highlight the eyes on the bottom of the skateboard. If you press 'Enter' now, you will be taken to a small documentary that shows you how skateboarding became popular.

Easter Egg :Hidden info on the Aston Martin
From the disc's main menu, go to the 'Special Features' menu and highlight the license plate on the screen with your directional arrow keys. You will find some interesting information and footage about the Aston Martin.

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