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DVD Easter Egg

DVD Easter Eggs : R  

The Rage : Carrie 2
Easter Egg :Hidden animated sequence
From the disc's main menu go to the Language menu. Once there, press the right arrow key to bring up Rachel's fierce tattoo. If you press 'Enter' now, you will see a short animated sequence where the tattoo grows over her body.

Raising Arizona
Easter Egg :Hidden trailers
Go to the disc's main menu and select the 'Extra Features'. There you will find an option that allows you to bring up trailers to 'Barton Fink' and 'Miller's Crossing'.

Easter Egg : Hidden trivia
There is a trivia game on each of the discs from the Rambo trilogy. If you successfully answer all the questions, you will be treated with a 10 second clip from the animated Rambo series. If you fail to answer a question correctly, you get nothing.

Easter Egg : Hidden map and credits
From the disc's main menu go to the 'Extra Features' menu. Highlight the entry 'Movie Stills' and then press the arrow up key on your remote control. This will bring up a fork and a knife. Now, press 'Enter' and you will be taken to a map entitled 'Trail of the Donner Party 1846.' On that map, press the left arrow key and you will highlight a trail with dates. At 'Fort Bridger July 30', press the up arrow, and another knife and fork will appear. Press 'Enter' and you will see the credits for the disc's developers. If you go all the way past Fort Bridger until you reach 'Truckee Lake October 30: Donner Camp,' press the up arrow there and yet another knife and fork is highlighted. Press 'Enter' now and it will show you an advertisement for an actual promotional item.

Easter Egg : Hidden commentary track
If you go to the movie's trailer presentation with the commentary track turned on, you will actually get to hear the cast members comment on the trailer itself, as well as the 'Early promotional spot' on the disc.

Requiem For A Dream (Unrated Director's Cut)
Easter Egg : Tappy Tibbons Infomercial
On the main menu screen, push Up or Down on your control to highlight "Hear Tappy Tibbons' Amazing Life Story!" to see a special infomercial that Darren Aronofsky shot as backstory to the Tappy Tibbons character.

Reservoir Dogs
Easter Egg : Hidden Interview
If you have got the Resevoir Dogs DVD with an introduction by Tarantino you can access an easter egg on the special features screen. The screen shows the cop tied to the chair and if you press the right arrow button an ear appears on his head.Press enter and you will be taken to the hidden features screen which has a 20 minute interview with Tarantino.

Revenge of The Pink Panther
Easter Egg : Hidden screen saver
Go to the disc’s main menu and press the down arrow key on your remote until the title of the menu screen is highlighted. If you press “Enter” now, you will see a screen saver looping through some of Inspector Clouseau’s outrageous disguises.

Rocky 25th Anniversary Special Edition
Easter Egg : Meeting with Stallone & his creation
At the Start menu, arrow up and the ROCKY logo will appear in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click on it and you will go to a face-to-face meeting between Stallone and his creation.

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Easter Egg : Hidden third version of the movie
There is a hidden 3rd version of the movie which is black and white until they meet Dr Frank N Furter kinda like Wizard of Oz. From the Main Menu you press left until you see a pair of yellow lips highlighted. Press enter.Shortcut to the egg: While either version (UK or US) is playing hit the display button on your remote untill it shows which version of the film is playing (versions 1, 2 or 3). By selecting number 3 you'll start-up the hidden "Wizard of Oz" version of the film.

Easter Egg : Hidden Trailers
From the disc's main menu, highlight the Trimark logo in the bottom right corner of the screen using the directional arrow keys on your remote. Then hit 'Enter' and you will see trailers for 'Romance' and the sensual, erotic movie 'Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love'.

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