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DVD Easter Egg

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The Ninth Gate
Easter Egg :Hidden TV Spot
On the Special Features screen, press the (<) or left button and the hidden "TV Spot" will appear for you to choose from.

Nurse Betty
Easter Egg :Deleted Scene & Extended Scene
Go to the SPECIAL FEATURES main menu and from any of the features in the list, arrow to the right and the candle on Betty's cupcake will light up. Click on it as the flame is lit and you will get an extra deleted/extended scene back at David Ravell's house. Also, from the special features menu if you go into the "A REASON TO LOVE" original soap opera shows there are 10 segments listed. From the 1st episode number, arrow up to the words "A REASON TO LOVE". Click on it as it's highlighted and it will show you an extended opening title sequence to the soap opera with Renee's character BETTY added to the sequence, along with Betty's entire soap scene with David Ravell (Kinnear)

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