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DVD Easter Egg

DVD Easter Eggs : K  

Kama Sutra - "A Tale of Love"
Easter Egg :Hidden passages from the Kama Sutra
From the disc's main menu go to 'Subtitles' and then press the right arrow button on your remote control to highlight the bellybutton. If you press 'Enter' now, you will get to see some hidden passages from the real book of the Kama Sutra. There are more passages hidden in the disc's Production Notes when you highlight the rings, the flower and other objects.

Kiss The Girls
Easter Egg :Two THX Trailers
One of them is anamorphic, while the other is not. Use your remote control to go to Title 5 and 6 - make sure you go to Title, not Chapter

Easter Egg :Comic book version of the movie
To get to hit Select Special Features and hit "Enter" on the remote control. On the bottom right of the screen their should be a comic book there. If you hit the right arrow on the remote that should highlight it. This takes you to a comic book adation of Krull the movie.

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