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DVD Easter Egg

DVD Easter Eggs : P  

Patch Adams
Easter Egg : Marc Shaiman’s complete isolated music score
Go to the “Special Features” from the main menu and there select the “Medical Value Of Laughter” documentary. At the bottom of the screen you will find a menu entry for the isolated score. Select it and then select “Play”.

Easter Egg : Material on the release of the George C. Scott classic 'Patton'
On the second disc of the package, after the isolated score is finished, you will get to hear what sounds like outtakes from the recording session for the soundtrack with composer Jerry Goldsmith. Following these outtakes multiple radio spots from 1970 come on for you to listen to.

The Peacemaker
Easter Egg : Marc Shaiman’s complete isolated music score
Head to the “Cast & Crew” section from the main menu. Press the “Arrow Up” button on the first page of the biography of George Clooney, Nicole Kidman or Mimi Leder to highlight the person’s portrait. Press “Enter” and you will bring up an interview snippet with that person.

Easter Egg : Hidden Music and photos
From the main menu, press the arrow up key. A speaker will appear and through it you can select the menu music from three different themes. Now go to the second 'Special Features' page and highlight the 'Still Gallery', press the up arrow key on your remote and a dark sphere will appear. Press 'Enter' and a recent still photo of the director and the three lead actors, accompanied by a piercing scream will appear.

The Pink Panther
Easter Egg : Hidden movie poster
From the main menu, press the down arrow key on your remote control until the “Pink Panther” logo at the top of the screen is highlighted. If you press “Enter” now, you will be taken to a page that shows you the original theatrical poster of the film.

Practical Magic
Easter Egg : Hidden Game
Go to the main menu and then to the Special Features. Select the “Cauldron” in the center of the screen and you will see a screen with a number of herbs to brew your own potion. Select Rosemary, Mint, Grapes and then Lavender in this order and then go to “Mix”. You will now be treated to “Making Magic” and “Casting The Spell”, two documentaries.

Pump Up The Volume
Easter Egg : Hidden Movie Trailer
Go to the cast and crew biographies and on the second page of Christian Slaters' biography you will find a trailer to 'Bed Of Roses', marked by a small camera symbol.

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