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DVD Easter Egg

DVD Easter Eggs : S  

Easter Egg : DVD credits
On the second DVD in the set, go to the main menu. Scroll down until you get to the last option. On the right you will see the "SE7EN" logo. Once you're at the last option, hit the right button and a square under the logo will light up. Hit the enter button, and you will be able to page through the credits of the technical companies who contributed to the DVD. As you're reading the credits, look for the logo of each company. Highlighting them will take you to additional information about them.

Shanghai Noon
Easter Egg : Hidden test sequence
There is a test sequence for a train crash using models that didn't make it into the movie. You get it by successfully completing the quiz to join Roy's gang, it's listed under special features with the heading "Shanghai Surprise." Also in the same place there is another quiz to join the royal guard, successfully complete this quiz and you get to see Chon Wang's (Jackie Chan's) drinking game scene with english subtitles.

Easter Egg : Hidden Audio Clips
While look at the animated menu you will notice that it features the flashy neon-light letters of the word 'Showgirls.' Using the directional keys of your player's remote control you can highlight each one of these letters individually . If you press 'Enter' then, you will be able to hear an audio clip of some of the lines from the movie.

The Sixth Sense
Easter Egg : Hidden Horror Film
Access the 'Bonus Materials' from the disc's main menu. On the second page of these bonus materials you will find an icon of a jewelry box embedded in the screen, highlight the jewelry box using your directional keys and press the 'Enter' key and the box will open up to reveal a video tape inside labeled 'Night's First Horror Film.' The director comes on to introduce a clip from a film that he made when he was 11 years old.

Easter Egg : Marilyn Manson music video
Go to "Spawn Soundtrack" on Special Features side of disc. Press right cursor button when "Trip Like I Do" lights up. A picture of Marilyn Manson will light up press enter. On next screen press right cursor button the "Parental Advisory" sticker will light up press enter and the video starts.

Easter Egg : Storyboard of the train sequence
on the main menu screen there are 4 dots making up a making out a cross. Navigate up the screen and the top dot will highlight and then enter, this will play the train sequence in storyboard form.

Stir of Echoes
Easter Egg : Hidden cast & crew shorts
From the main menu go to the cast and crew section. From there, select either Kevin Bacon or David Koepp. On both of these screens you will find menus labelled 'Working With Kevin (or David)' respectively. When you select these, you will see clips of the cast and crew talking about working with each one of them.

Street Fighter Alpha - The Movie
Easter Egg : Hidden Japanese Trailer
Under Special Features, select Weblinks. This will take you to a screen displaying three website addresses. Hit UP once on the cusor to highlight Hitting enter on this will reveal a trailer for the movie's original Japanese release: "Street Fighter Zero"

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