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DVD Easter Egg

DVD Easter Eggs : D  

Dante's Peak
Easter Egg:Complete musical score
If you run the “Creating A Volcano” documentary and select the alternate soundtrack from your remote control. You should now hear nothing but James Newton Howard’s theme and John Frizzell’s musical score.

Dark City
Easter Egg :Hidden Scene's and Game
Hidden Scene's: There is a scene from 'Lost In Space' hidden in William Hurt’s filmography page and in Kiefer Sutherland’s filmography, you can find a scene from 'Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me' in the star highlight.
The game: To solve it, go to the 'to shell beach...' menu first. You need to find a bloody knife, which can be found in Kiefer Sutherland’s biography, accessible from the 'cast and crew' menu. Go back to the 'special features' menu and select 'neil gaiman on dark city'. The doctor’s card is hidden on the first screen of his comments. Next we need a postcard. Enter 'the metropolis comparison' from the 'special features' menu, and pick the 'original weekly variety review' to find the shell beach postcard. Now go back to the 'cast and crew' menu, highlight Trevor Jones and press 'Enter'. On the tenth screen of his biography you will find the shell beach souvenir. Go back to the 'cast and crew' menu and select William Hurt for the clock, which can be found on the eighth screen of his biography. Finally, go to 'set designs' and skip through them until you see the syringe. Select it, then press 'Enter', and behold an interestingly, twisted animated sequence. It has been noted that if you do not follow the sequence exact, that you might need to remove the DVD and start all over again to make it work.

Dead Alive
Easter Egg :Hidden Trailer
Go to the disc’s main menu and there press the left arrow key. This will highlight the Trimark logo. If you press 'Enter' now, you will see the trailer for another one of Trimark’s releases, 'Tommyknockers'.

Deadbeat at Dawn
Easter Egg :Hidden Skinny Puppy Video
On the main menu, press right on your remote until it highlights the tip of Goose's knife - now press enter. In the centre of the gravestone a symbol should appear, highlight this (if it already hasn't done so) and press enter. You should now be able to view a Skinny Puppy music video called Spasmolytic.

Death Wish V
Easter Egg :Hidden movie trailers
Go to the disc’s main menu and then press the left arrow key twice. This should highlight the Trimark logo in the center of the screen. If you press “Enter” now, you will see full trailers to “True Crime”, “Phoenix” and “Love & A .45”.

Deep Cover
Easter Egg :Hidden Credit's Screen
From the disc's main menu select the New Line logo in the corner and press 'Enter'. You will now see a credit screen for this DVD and the people who created it.

The Dentist
Easter Egg :Hidden trailer
From the main menu press the left arrow key to highlight the Trimark logo. If you press “Enter” now, you will see a trailer to Peter Jackson’s “Dead Alive”.

Destination Moon
Easter Egg :Hidden original theatrical trailer
The packaging indicates there are no extras on the disk and that there are 15 chapters. The trailer can be found either by going in to the chapter selections where you find a 16th chapter that says trailer, or by letting the disk play on past "The End" title on the film.

Detroit Rock City
Easter Egg : Hidden Credits
From the disc's text main menu select the New Line logo. This will bring up a credit screen. Within this screen highlight the 'Angry Monkey' entry and press 'Enter'. This will bring up dedicated 'Angry Monkey' credits. Select 'More' in these credits and you will see some more credits. Now, here comes the hidden feature within the hidden feature... select the word 'Facts' in this second screen and you will see an odd film type strip teaching you the facts of life. Press 'Enter' every time you want to go to the next picture. A second one can be found under the credits for 'Three Legged Cats Productions'. Go to the fourth screen of these credits and you will be able to select 'The Devil Roosevelt' for a picture of the band, as well as the entry 'Tim Sullivan' to bring up a picture of co-producer Tim Sullivan with all four Kiss members.

Devil's Advocate
Easter Egg :Hidden trailers
In the main menu, select the “Reel Recommendations” and then go to the “By Genre” section. There you will find them easily accessible.

Easter Egg :Hidden Video Clips
Under four of the main menu options on Disc 2 of Disney's DINOSAUR, there’s an easter egg, each one marked with a little dino fossil computer window. A vintage Disney presentation, “Gertie The Dinosaur” (6:23), originally broadcast on November 30, 1995, can be found in “Development”, move your cursor to the right to highlight the dino fossil and hit enter. In “Creating The Characters”, a host of “Render Bugs” (1:29), or computer glitches can be found under the same dino fossil. In “The Production Process”, there’s another vintage Disney excerpt from “Disneyland Goes to the World’s Fair” (4:56) originally broadcast May 17, 1964, showcasing the dinosaur animatronics and how they were made. In “Publicity”, Disney Educational Presentations presents “Recycle Rex” (12:00), an award winning animation, created in conjunction with the California Department of Recycling in 1992.

Dirty Dancing: Special Edition
Easter Egg :Hidden Interviews
In the disc's 'Cast and Crew Biographies' you can see several menu entries that are questions to Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey, and the movie's director Emile Ardolino. To hear the answers to those questions in the form of small interview clips, simply use the arrow up key on your remote control to highlight the question and then press 'Enter' to start the video interview.

Disturbing Behavior
Easter Egg :Hidden Animation
From the main menu go to the “Special Features” menu. Here you can select the eye of the test subject to reveal a disturbing little animation.

Dr. No
Easter Egg:Hidden History of the Martini
In the “Special Features” section of your menu. Press the arrow down key on your remote control until the Martini glass is highlighted. If you press “Enter” now, you will be taken to a section about the history of Martini, and a recipe as well.

Dr. Strangelove - special edition
Easter Egg :Bonus film montage
Scroll down to the globe on the main menu to highlight it red, click and enjoy a short montage of scenes from the film.

Drop Dead Gorgeous
Easter Egg :Hidden trailers
From the disc's main menu go to the 'Filmographies' section. Under Kirstie Alley's section you will find a trailer for 'Deconstructing Harry', in Kirsten Dunst's section you will find a trailer for 'Wag The Dog' and Denise Richards' section contains a trailer for 'National Lampoons Loaded Weapon One'.

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