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Fans Worst Movies  

Eight Pages of fans worst movies they have seen
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John Howard Oxley

In specifying five particularly bad movies, the selection has been restricted to those considered for theatrical release, as opposed to B-movies or camp classics. Within these limits, here are five particularly egregious specimens of codswallop at its most intense:

1. Sledge: a knockoff 'spaghetti western' staring the inimitable [who would bother] James Garner in a pointless, boring, inchoate mess with neither storytelling logic, a convincing plot, good stuntwork, any humour whatsoever, or any other quality which can redeem a movie. This became the standard against which all other movies were rated, and I have never seen worse.

2. Night of the Following Day: Marlon Brando admittedly was showcased in some prime turkeys, but this one constitutes an entire flock, and even his role here was pallid and uninspired. Supposedly a kidnapping thriller, a complete lack of continuity [it appears in some cases as if sequences were edited out of order] renders it an excruciating waste of time.

3. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me: One of the few times I was *strongly* tempted to leave the theatre while the movie was playing [the "Fat Bastard" sequences are toilet humour at its least engaging], and I would have given in to the impulse were it not that I had a companion attending with me, who admitted afterward having exactly the same sentiments, but who did not want to leave because I was making no effort to do so!

4. -if...: Many of my friends waxed lyrical over this incomprehensible mess, as did the critics. The movie made no sense to me then, and still does not now. In terms of pretentiousness, this has to be the worst of all five of these selections.

5. Water World: The worst insult to the intelligence of an audience I have ever witnessed personally, a movie with so many shortcomings that to get the whole gist of why I think it is bad, you should read my review.


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