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Fans Worst Movies  

Eight Pages of fans worst movies they have seen
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1. Peter Greenaway's Prospero's Books This looked really cool. Like Dave McKean covers made into a movie. What I got was naked cherubs pissing, PISSING, off a swing into a swimming pool. And that was the highlight. And it is three hours in. It seemed like three hours in. The other highlight is a bunch of old thesps wearing HUGE ruffs around their necks. It gave me a headache, bored me, gnawed away at my very soul. And everyone else in the cinema went on about what a good adaptation of The Tempest it was. Give me Forbidden Planet anyday...

2. Judge Dredd I cried at what they did to Joe! "I knew he would say that!" Eh? What more is there to say about this piss-poor rape that ended our dreams of seeing Dredd on screen. Who let this happen?

3. Ralph Bakshi's Lord of the Rings Lord of my ring more like. I saw this on TV. I was about 8. It made me feel like I was totally hung over despite the fact it was Christmas. It just ends half way through the story. Annoying. And not clever like that Alaska film...

4. Dinosaur Ugh, talking computer generated dinosaurs. Excellent opening scene, till they open their mouths, and suddenly I am not watching a film, I am taken back to the age of three months and some demented relative trying to amuse me with a sock with buttons sewn on... I'd rather watch a block of lard melt in the over...

5. Very Bad Things - This was so bad it made me angry. What makes me even more angry is the fact that a lot of people disagree and count it as a really good film. How so many folk with talent got involved in this drivelous film is beyond me. So bad it isn't even amusing. Dreadful...

Fraser Hardie

1. Godzilla I mean, how could you make a shite monster film?

2. Judge Dredd This probably isn't as bad as all that, but I waited 18 years for Dredd on the big screen, so an hon mensh for dashing every expectation I had. All those years of telling friends how great Dredd was, only to be humiliated at the cinema.

3. Batman and Robin Arnie, you just ain't funny. Schumacher, never ever go within a million miles of a film involving Batman.

4. Robocop 2 Frank Miller. Nuff said.

5. Star Trek: The Motion Picture The most unalduterated, boring crap you will ever have to sit through. 21 years on its "intellectual" plot is still just pish.

Tom Harberd

1. Judge Dredd Why do you need a reason?

2. Clerks Nope, don't see what all the fuss was about. Overated, badly edited and filmed.

3. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer Oh. My. God. A white guy pretending to be a Rasta. Hilarious. When they shoot the bad guy, he falls into a freshly dug grave. Wow that's clever. But he gets shot six times and he's still not dead. Crap crap crap crap. Predictable villan with "clever" name clue. I've now remebember far too much of this shite and must spend five minutes thinking about something else and trying to purge it from my short-term memory lest I become soiled by its presence.

4. Mickey Blue Eyes Okay, so I've never seen it, but even the thought makes me shiver. "Hilarious" gangsters. And Hugh Grant. Ugh.

5. Scary Movie I saw this in Norwich. And the audience laughed and laughed and laughed. Come friendly bombs....


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