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Fans Worst Movies  

Eight Pages of fans worst movies they have seen
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Douglas Quaid

1. Hell comes to frog town. "Hell" is what i went through watching this. This film is bad with a capital B. I have seen 2 films starring "rowdy" roddy piper and they live was a masterpiece compared to this. Its not even so bad its funny, its so bad its sickening. And poor sandahl bergman is in it too, she should have quit acting after red Sonja.

2. Texas chainsaw massacre. Yuck. This film leaves a bad taste in your mouth, your brain and your wallet when you buy the DVD before seeing the film.

3. Spawn. I saw the film for one reason which was the clip in the trailer when spawn has two Uzi and does a forward flip. I thought that looks cool. How wrong could i be. The FX artists were so lazy they couldn't even be arsed to animate Malebolgia's mouth. The Dredd movie is a classic in comparison.

4. Scary Movie. The people that made this seem to think that making a disgusting and incredibly unimaginative film and calling it a comedy makes it funny, well they were right! look at the takings at the box office. In my opinion though it is utter crap, I pity the people that laugh at this. Oh yeah and one of the few amusing bits is just ripped off from that Budweiser advert.

5. Armageddon. This film was really successful, i don't know why. If i am around when the world ends I am sure it ill be more exciting than this pap. The most enjoyable bit was seeing Mr cooper from "hanging with mr cooper" at the start.

Ken Manson

1. Errr...Judge Dredd? For just being plain stupid as well as ruining the comic.

2. Eraser For being the worst in a long line of bad Arnie films where he is stupidly indestructible and for lowering the average movie 'goodness' rate by at least a point simply by existing. Commando could also be here, except that was the first in a long line of bad Arnie films etc etc.

3. Pokemon For all the kids who could have been watching Toy Story instead of poorly animated, poorly disguised marketing tripe. Well animated, poorly disguised marketing tripe is so much better ;)

4. Wild Wild West For making me spend £4 and two hours watching it when I could have been doing something more entertaining... I dunno, extinguishing matches with my testicles would be one, eating chilli coated barbed wire would be another...

5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (really not impressed). For being awful and hurting my ears, after about 45 mins there is *one* sound effect. Well, two if you count screaming.


1. Surely Titanic Hmmm. Home computer grade 'special effects' (8 bit textures anyone?) Laughable accents. Drama club acting. Norman Lamont as the male lead

2. Phantom Menace Someone had to speak up for it. Jar Jar, Politics and no Stormtroopers. nuff said

3. No Suggestion.

4. There's Something about Mary. I took this DVD back. False advertising. Box said 'hilarious'

5. The Indian In The Cupboard. Only film I ever walked out of. Went to see it because Steve Coogan was in it. For about 2 minutes.

Spuggy Loonpant

1. Grease - It's a musical. The lowest of the low.

2. Tank Girl - Just as you think it can't get any worse: a song and dance routine.

3. Almost anything starring Stallone or Costner - they are shit.

4. Phantom Menace - and you thought ewoks were bad. We waited ten years then Lucas gave us a movie for ten year olds.

5. Highlander - spoilt by bad effects and acting. Hugely overrated.


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