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Stars and Directors  

I guess you could call this the 'Talent' section. In here you will find all the sites for your favourite stars, actresses, directors and as much other people involved in movies that we can think of. This section will grow and grow. Naturally if there is a site you think should be listed here then let us know!

Darren Aronovsky
Aronofsky Fan Site the first Darren Aronovsky site on the net!

Mario Bava
Mario Bava tribute to the master of darkness and light

Tim Burton
Tim Burton Collective lovely Tim Burton fansite

Michael Caine
Caine Is Caine One Bloke. Loads Of Films

Russell Crowe
Maximum Crowe the ultimate Russell Crowe page

Josh Hartnett
Hartnett Heaven UK based fan site

Robert De Niro
BBM's De Niro Fansite Robert De Niro fansite

Vin Diesel
Art Of Vin Diesel UK Based fan site, loads of info

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford Web unofficial fan site , better than most official sites

William Girdler
William Girdler site about infamous bad movie director William Girdler

Hugh Jackman
Jackman's Landing Hugh (X Men) Jackman fan site

Ewan Mcgregor
Mad About Ewan Ewan Mcgregor Fan Site

Gwyneth Paltrow
Anti Gwyneth Paltrow Page funny and not totally serious

Ken Russell
Savage Messiah: The Ken Russell Index site all about filmaker Ken Russell

Quentin Tarantino
Quentin Tarantino Archives

Sylvester Stallone
Stallone World Good source of Stallone news

Kate Winslet Click here as she has her own page already!

What A Character Cool site all about character actors.

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Whats doing the business at the Box Office Updated Weekly!
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