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All In One Sites  

These sites cover movies, and focus on not just one area. They cover news, features, trailers, etc. If you know of any others or are the webmaster of one then let us know!

A.J's Place Movies and More!
The A List dee dee daaa, no not the A Team, the A List !
Cashiers Du Cinemart Has an anti Tarantino section, now I've never seen that before anywhere!
Cinema Confidential Very professional site
Cinemaniacs Film Site
Cinema Paradise
80's Movie Gateway Your first stop in the world of 80's movie dedication
Film Fodder independent movie site
Film Four Channel 4 and UK film production company site
The Film Hobbit movies - reviews - madness
Filmic UK Movie site
Film Junkies Are you addicted to film?
Filmorama Unpretentious News and Film Reviews
Flick Picks unbiased information to help you decide for yourself about a movie
Flipside! For all your cinematic cravings.
Guerilla Films Bursting the bubble of pomposity of Hollywood
GunnLace Welcome To The Beyond
Ham Movies covers Horror, Action and Monster movies
Hollywood Movies/Reviews loads of cool links
Jet's Hollywood Films
JoBlo Very cool site with a nice sense of humour and covers a ton of movie stuff
Jumbo Dump
Just Panic

The King's Room Colourful Movie site
Moovees ! Movies from a Bovine Perspective

Movie Crypt Spooky bad movies
Movie Freak If you are Freaky about Movies, this is cool.
Movie Mania Maniacal about movies?
Movie Page Bjorn Erik's Site, stylish
Movies and Magic
Movie Source
Movie World UK New movie site from the UK
The Movie Insider Site has a nice layout and is very professional
Planet Sick Boy
Square Domain
Steve's Cinesight
Talking Pictures New UK movie site
Tobias Movie Lounge A Swedish film site
Tuesday Night Movie Club Cool looking site

UKHotMovies New UK site, does need to work on his webdesign

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