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Assistant Directors enough of the bitching do something about it!
Alternative Film
Awe Films Muscle Girlie Action Films!
Alternative Video Spot Edmonton's best video store
Beatnik Home Entertainment US distributor that specializes in release of non-fiction programming, documentaries, and reality programs.
Films in Production List want to work on a movie, sign up at gigslist for info
LA Film School Teaching State of the Art Filmmaking in the Heart of Hollywood.
Microman Pictures
Monarch Films sales agency that produces and distributes documentaries, Reality TV series, and Lifestyle series to all media's around the world
My Entertainment World a global resource for the special needs of motion pictures
Movie Partners aims to help great idea's become great movies
Midnight Pictures Independent Film Makers from Northerrn Ireland
Rough Edges Studios
Reel Exchange Free ads and information for both filmmakers and collectors No-Budget Moviemaking on the World Wide Web!
Box Office Report
Whats doing the business at the Box Office Updated Weekly!
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