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Results of polls on The Z Review

We asked you which movie you were looking forward to the most and this is how you voted:

From Hell (39 votes) 5%

Lord Of The Rings (232 votes) 31%

Scooby Doo (29 votes) 3%

Matrix 2 (211 votes) 28%

Tomb Raider (57 votes) 7%

Planet Of The Apes (52 votes) 7%

Other (118 votes) 15%

Quite an even split between Matrix 2 and Lord Of The Rings, personally I'm with Matrix 2.

Tomb Raider

We asked you "Will the Tomb Raider Movie be any good?"

You answered:
Can't Wait (105 Votes) 37%
Yes (31 Votes) 11%
Maybe (55 votes) 19%
No (65 Votes) 23%

And I think what swung the vote in favour of the movie is THAT poster featuring Angelina as Lara. What a Poster.

Napster Poll

We asked "Will you pay a subscription fee for Napster?"

You answered: Yes (6 votes) 9%
No (36 votes) 55%
Depends on Price (23 votes) 35%
Interesting voting and considering what is happening in the courts at the moment, the future of online file sharing is definetely here to stay, but in what format, too early to say for definite.

And the results of our Terminator 3 poll are in!
And the question we asked was. Do we want a Terminator movie if James Cameron isn't directing? You answered.
Yes (40 votes) 22%
No (73 votes) 41%
Maybe (29 votes) 16%
Wouldn't be the same (33) 18%

A resounding majority there I'd say, and as Harry Enfield might say "oi, Arnie, NO!"

Our poll before Terminator 3 was on what people's thoughts were if they wanted to see Geri Halliwell starring in forthcoming Movie Therapy.

The results were.

Yes (28 Votes) 34%

No (23 Votes) 28%

Get Real (24 votes) 29%

Maybe (7 votes) 8%

Again another fairly evenly split vote there, but personally I think may be slightly influenced by the male contingent voting to see her, and it won't be to see her acting.

Our First poll was on what people thought of Judge Dredd The Movie. A Total of 82 people voted on this. A surprising number of people considering how much of a flop the Movie was. And here are the results.

Boring 32 Votes 34%
Very Boring 19 Votes 20%
Good 30 Votes 31%
Excellent 13 Votes 13%

Quite a surprising result to be honest. We fully expected the result to be weighted a lot more towards the Boring and Very Boring. Just slightly over 50% of voters thought it was a Boring Movie.

Maybe with the next poll the results may be more in line with what you would expect.....

And the results of the next poll for The Z Review are in.

The Question was "Rumour is Britney is going to star in a Dirty Dancing Remake, is this ?"

And the results were

A Great Idea 23 Votes 15%

A Bad Idea 24 Votes 16%

Yeeeeess! 12 Votes 8%

Noooooo! 89 Votes 60%

Quite conclusive voting there. With 76% thinking this is a bad idea. All we can say is if the original movie was good , why remake it?

The results of the next poll are in. This was one for our 2000AD readers. Rebellion a computer games company purchased from Fleetway Egmont, the comic 2000AD so we decided to canvas them and see how they felt about this. A total of 16 people responded and this is how they voted.

Optimistic 5

Excited 3

Nervous 6

Scared 2

Which seems to be quite a split, we reckon time will decide.


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