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Ordinary Decent Criminal  

Kevin Spacey in second Bad Movie in a month. No. I thought that after Hurly Burly that it would be quite some time before we would see him in another Bad Movie. It came as a huge surprise then when this one came along.

This film is a follow up to Thaddeus O Sullivans Troubles Movie Nothing personal. Its just a shame that John Boorman has already gotten there and made a Movie on the central character already and made a much better Movie.

Kevin Spaceys character is called Michael Lynch. But if you know your Irish media you will easily recognise that he is very close to being a xerox of Martin Cahill the famous charismatic crook.

Director O ' Sullivan has apparently stated that Cahill is only one of the influences on Lynch but when the film virtually follows the facts we know about Cahill then you begin to wonder.

Surprisingly Spacey never gives the role the full committment you would expect from such a meaty role. Guess he was just tired after all his excellent performances lately.

If you haven't seen The General already go and watch it instead and think to yourself how amazing it would have been if Spacey had been in that instead of this.

Tall Guy

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