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Hurly Burly  

Kevin Spacey in a Bad Movie ? Surely not. I've seen Kevin Spacey in quite a few Movies over the past few years and his taste in picking just the right project is nearly faultless, take Seven , American Beauty and The usual Suspects as 3 examples of his quality control. The Movies he has made over the past few years read like a list of my own personal favourite movies.

So as you have probably guessed I was quite excited about this Movie. But because this Movie is reviewed here in The Z Review you can probably guess that its not all that good.

Its based on a stage play originally performed in 1984. For a stage play it had quite a famous cast that included William Hurt and Harvey Keitel.

This is the main problem with the Movie in that it has not converted well to celluloid. It consists mainly of dialogue scenes between the main characters. Now normally this isn't a bad thing . Take Clerks and Pulp Fiction for instance, two fine examples of dialogue heavy Movies that work well.

The characters in this film are very self centred. Some of the themes that run through the Movie are sex, violence, drugs, hedonism, anxiety of life, paranoia, callousness.

You would think with themes like that that this could be a very powerful Movie. But ,as is getting to be a bit of the theme with The Z Review, the director loses control and the Movie tends to lurch from one theme to another and loses all sense of coherence that it should have.

The only reason I would recommend anyone to go and see this Movie is to see Kevin Spacey's blond hairstyle. Its shocking.

Tall Guy

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