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Lost Souls  

Lost Souls has been in production so long that I must admit I thought that it had maybe been lost there. Production on Lost Souls started round about the time that the other Millenium fear movies such as End Of Days, now as you and I know they have been and gone for quite a while, so what happened to Lost Souls then?

Well, they had problems with the ending of the movie and took it back for a reshoot and a rewrite. But I'm sorry if you are going to do that at least have the sense to make a different ending good! Instead of the dross that we are given in Lost Souls.

The subject matter here is nigh on identical to that other turkey released this month Bless The Child. I was sorely tempted with this review to say just look at that review as my opinions are pretty much the same as for this.
Lost Souls
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And for those who may have not read my Bless The Child review, it basically states that it is a poor imitation of the Omen movies and has nothing new to say at all.

Winona Ryder stars in Lost Souls who is the first to figure out that Satan is up to his usual tricks again.

The only good thing I have to say about Lost Souls is that it looks good. And so it should too, seeing as how the director is Janusz Kaninski who was Speilberg's cinematographer on Saving Private Ryan and Schindler's List. And this is the crucial difference between Speilberg and Kaninski. Speilberg knows how to tell a story while making the movie look good. Kaninski hasn't learnt yet how to tell a story well.

And the story is to be blunt, ropey and hackneyed. Watch Omen or Rosemary's Baby instead.

Tall Guy

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