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Bless The Child  

For those people who regularly tune in and follow our reviews on The Z Review you will have noticed quite a trend in our reviews. Namely that we can pretty much sum up most cruddy movies in one sentence. Well, Bless The Child isn't any different. Omen but rubbish.

Yes, Bless The Child is a virtual remake of the original Omen movie except that they have changed the central character from a little boy into a little girl that Satan tries to turn to his nefarious means.

Bless The Child is directed by Chuck Russell who does not appear to have fully fleshed out what he wants this movie to be. This movie is neither scary or tongue in cheek, and the cast tend to wander through the project not knowing how they should be acting in it either. Did he talk to them on the se, I wonder?

Kim Basinger's acting is wooden. And yes, that isn't a surprise, two good performances in a career is just not good enough Kim. And yes those two performances were 9 1/2 weeks and L.A. Confidential.

Rufus Sewell plays his role as if he was chewing on a big fat piece of ham. And poor old immy Smits, his role is so minimal and unnecessary to the movie he has very little to do.

Don't bother with this, watch Omen again instead.

Tall Guy

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