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Welcome to the latest feature added to The Z Review by our Associate Webmaster John Howard Oxley! Click Here For Part Two of this Feature or Click Here for Part One of this Feature

John casts his eyes over some of his favourite and sometimes not so favourite Bad Movie websites.Call it a an occasional surfing guide of what should be a small but select set of reviews of other sites which have information about bad movies. The Filthy Critic: While there are a few good
movies reviewed on this site, Mr. Filthy is relentless and scathing, so most
of his packs are bad. This is one of the simplest sites, with the home page
opening to the featured review [which, oddly enough, gets to be the title of
the Web Page, hence the brackets around the site name]. The archive
bookmark takes you to about 120 reviews, all of a similar style: this will
not be to everyone's taste, since Mr. Filthy is pretty foul-mouthed
[carrying this a bit over the top for me], but he lets you know what he
thinks is wrong with any particular title. Additional links index the
rating system used, "Mrs. Filthy's 'Real World Review', which covers
non-cinema topics, and more reviews by Gooden Worsted [these are not bad
movie reviews, specifically]. While entertaining, I would rate this site
slightly less useful than the others covered here.

John Howard Oxley

Care to find out a bit more about John? Click Here


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