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Movie Website Reviews Part 2  

By John Howard Oxley Associate Editor

Oh, the Humanity! The Worst Movies on Earth This site tends to concentrate on sci-fi and comics related movies, and features a variety of topics. The cleanly focussed site loads quickly with notes on current news on the site, since the navigation sidebar allows quick entry to site author reviews, discussions, a message board, events, mail, a quiz, reviews from site users, ratings, a glossary, and a list of links and resources. The reviews can be searched by title or by text element; you can also list all the movies [over 200 are currently in the database] or browse for a random movies. Links in a review will connect you to a source from which you can buy/rent titles or to the Internet Movie Database for more information. Some movies have RealVideo clips, and new movies [plus those which have received an overall high {low?) rating] are marked with icons. Each review, in addition to an informative summary, rates the badness, parody value, sexual content, and overall value of the film, as well as informing you if there is a "naked girl dancing during the credits". The general tone of the reviews is brisk and light, so overall, this site is highly amusing.

Golden Raspberry Award Foundation - Home of the Razzies! "Since 1980" this organization has been awarding its 'accolade' to the worst movies and the worst examples of actors and actresses attempting to fathom their craft. Since the site is currently under reconstruction, few remarks are worth making about its prsentation, though it is easy to read the current incarnation. Since it also takes on such projects as nominating the worst actor of the [20th] century, this site is both general in outlook and offers a considerable retrospective. Compared to many of the other sites I have seen, this lacks a number of features, and some of it would not load when I last visited, but again, it is under redesign. Even if its o-so-arch stance is less amusing than it thinks, this is still the site to visit for all-all time Hollywood bombs.

John Howard Oxley

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