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Spiderman 2  

Spiderman 2 Expected Release Date U.S. : May 7th 2004 (Subject to change)
Expected Release Date U.K. : Summer 2004 (subject to change)
Expected Rental Release Date :

Spiderman 2 Cast : Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst
Director :
Sam Raimi
Spiderman 2 Written By :
Alfred Gough, Miles Millar
Producers :
Laura Ziskin, Avi Arad, Ian Bryce
Other Known Crew Members

Spiderman 2 Based On : The comic books and the sequel to the 2002 movie.
Premise/Synopsis :
Genre :
Action/ Sci Fi

Spiderman 2 Official Site :
Fan Sites :
Spiderman 2 Trailer :
Released By : Columbia Pictures
Spiderman: First movie preview page
Spiderman: Review

Spiderman 2 Status : Greenlight

How excited are we about Spiderman 2 : 10 Out Of 10

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Latest updates on Spiderman 2

Spiderman 2 Updated :

8th May 2002: Spiderman 2 Update:
It comes as no surprise due to the overwhelming sucess of the first Spiderman movie over the weekend at the US box-office ($114 million in three days), that Sony have greenlit Spiderman 2, due for release on May 7th 2004. Sam Raimi has already signed on the dotted line to return as director and Tobey Maguire and Kireten Dunst will once again star. Alfred Gough and Mile Millar will write the screenplay. They are the writers behind Smallville, Superman The Early Years.

''It's sort of a thrilling and daunting task to do the sequel,'' Gough tells ''They've really hit one out of the park in the first movie, which is great, because it leaves you a lot of areas to explore in the sequel.'' Some films tie up so many loose ends that a follow-up seems superfluous, he says. But given Harry Osborn's vow of revenge on Spider-Man (he blames him for the death of his father, Norman, a.k.a. the Green Goblin), Aunt May's precarious health, and Mary-Jane's possible discovery of Spidey's secret identity, there's plenty of story webs left to be spun in this franchise. ''You sort of go, hey, we can only do so much in the second movie,'' Gough laughs.

Kirsten Dunst has apparently revealed to Entertainment Weekly that the villians in the sequel will be Dr. Octopus and the scientist-turned-scaly-human-reptile the Lizard. Another possibilty could be the Hobgoblin which apparently is suggested in the conclusion of Spiderman (i've yet to see the film). Sreenwriter Gough won't say who we can expect to see, ''I can't really talk about it -- Avi Arad will send the X-Men out to kill me,''

Meanwhile over in New York, Marvel Enterprises, Inc. CEO Peter Cuneo has said that they recieved "a substantial, seven figure advance" from Sony Pictures for Spider-Man 2.

Shooting is scehuled to begin early next year.

More news on Spiderman 2 as we get it!

Date Page Created : 8/5/2002 Date Last Updated : 8/5/2002

This page has no intention to infringe on the rights of the film and intellectual copyright holders of Spiderman 2 & hold copyright over the movie, characters, merchandise & storyline.

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