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Minority Report  
Tom Cruise, Samantha Morton, Colin Farrell, Neal McDonough, Meryl Streep, Peter Stormare, Max Von Sydow
Written by Jon Cohen, Scott Frank, John August, Frank Darabont
Directed by Steven Spielberg

Status: Post Production
Released by Dreamworks
ETA: 28th June 2002
TRAILER 1: Quicktime (Various Res)
TRAILER 3: Quicktime (Various Res)
FULL TRAILER (3): Yahoo Movies (Various)
Minority Report (Double Sided)
Minority Report
(Double Sided)
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Official website:
Spin Off Site:

Plot - Quite a concept. Set in a future where crimes are solved before they happen (psychics predict the future and criminals are arrested before they commit any offence). A man is arrested for a future murder but escapes leaving the question, will he commit the crime or has he been set up. No doubt that Cruise will play the man accused of the 'future murder', but no other cast details are available. Spielberg will direct taking over from Jan De Bont who was lined up to do so. He will apparently produce. Based a short story, Minority Report by Philip K. Dick.

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Latest Updates

21st may 2002: Minority Report Update:
Tom Cruise has been talking to Entertainment Tonight about his upcoming film Minority Report, directed by Steven Spielberg.

"I had so much fun everyday working with him [Steven]," Cruise recalls. "I finished 'Vanilla Sky,' and 24 hours later I was working on 'Minority Report.' As someone who loves movies, to be on the set and see Steven direct, was amazing! To be a part of that was really special."

Directed by Spielberg from a story by Philip K. Dick (famed for penning both 'Blade Runner' and 'Total Recall'), this futuristic thrill-ride stars Cruise as a cop living in Washington, D.C., in 2080 A.D.

Technology has progressed to the point that crimes can be detected before they even happen -- making Cruise a target for a murder he hasn't yet committed.

"The thing that was very smart that Steven did, was to make the world very accessible. It was something that's in the future, but that people can still relate to," he continues. "You can see the old and the new!" Check out the full report at ET.

For those interested, have just posted a new unseen image from the film, and can be found over at their site.

7th May 2002: Minority Report Update:
The Apple Site have now posted a high quality Quicktime version of the full trailer (no 3) over at their site: Also the film's official website has undergone a total revamp. Check it out.

3rd May 2002 - Minority Report Updated
The full trailer for Steven Spielberg's Minority Report is now online courtesy of Yahoo Movies. Click here to go check it out.

CAN YOU IMAGE A WORLD WITHOUT MURDER? WE CAN. VOTE YES ON PRE CRIME, JUNE 21st. Joblo were the first to post this scoop back last week. There is a spin off site for Minority Report online at This 'spoof' site advertises Pre Crime, the fictional homicide prevention system as featured in Steven Spielberg's upcoming Minority Report. The site is similar to the sites that appeared up to AI: Artificial Intelligence's release last summer and the recent Holonet News site for Attack Of The Clones. You can even vote for Pre Crime too, just by typing in your zip-code. It's a great site and a great new way to advertsie movies. Go check it out.

The Dreamworks Fansite have posted the brand new trailer for Minority Report over at their site. The trailer is also playing in theaters in the US this weekend before Panic Room. Download the trailer here.

The Spielberg-Dreamworks fansite have posted a forty second trailer for Minority Report over at their site. The promo appeared on Access Hollywood a couple of nights ago. Check it out.


Here's a look at the new promo poster from Minority Report (far left) that appeared a while back along with a shot of Tom Cruise from the film itself. This second shot on the left also appeared quite a while ago too, but i'm playing catch-up here a little so please forgive me.

The teaser trailer is now up over at the Apple website.

Playing catchup once again here. The release date has been set as 26th June 2002 for the US and a few actors have joined the cast since we last updated.

Brit actress Sa
mantha Morton has joined the cast to play the female lead opposite Tom Cruise in the film. Joining Cruise and Morton is Band Of Brothers star Neil McDonough who also starred in Star Trek: First Contact. Three Swedish actors also star, Peter Stormare (Fargo, Armageddon), Caroline Lagerfeldt and 'Exorcist' star Max Von Sydow. The actors were thought to have filmed all of their scenes in Swedish except for Max Von Sydow. Finally, Meryl Streep will play a small role, though it is not know what that role will be. SOme reports say that may be nothing more than a cameo.

The Dreamworks SKG fansite have posted an exclusive pic of Tom's futuristic Lexus in the movie.

Ooh! Mr. Cruise! One of Joey Baloney's spys were hiding in the bushes and caught this snap of Tom on the set of Minority Report.
Courtesy of Joblo

Update: 5/501 - Daniel London has joined the cast of Minority Report.

Update 5/3/01
: The films budget has been estimated at approx. $100 million. Reports say that shooting will take place in Washington D.C. for the most part although some scenes will go before the cameras in Gloucester, Virginia but only around three to five days. Source: Dark Horizons.

Update 3/3/01
: Rumours are arife that Kate Capshaw's daughter (Speilberg's wife), Jessica may appear in the movie and that shooting may begin in the third week of March.

This page has no intention to infringe on the rights of the film and intellectual copyright holders of Minority Report & hold copyright over the movie, characters, merchandise & storyline.

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