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The Panic Room  

The Panic Room Release Date U.S. : 8th March 2002
Expected Release Date U.K. : mid-2002
Expected Rental Release Date : Not yet known

 The Panic Room Cast :Jodie Foster (Meg Altman ), Jared Leto (Junior), Kristen Stewart (Sarah Altman), Forest Whitaker (Raoul), Dwight Yoakam (Burnham), Patrick Bauchau, Ian Buchanan (Evan), Holt McCallany, Ann Magnuson (Lydia Lynch), Mel Rodriguez, Andrew Kevin Walker (Meg's sleepy neighbor)
Director : David Fincher
Written By :
David Koepp
Producers :
Cean Chaffin, Judy Hofflund, David Koepp, Gavin Polone
Other Known Crew Members :
Darius Khondji (Director of Photography)
Panic Room
Panic Room
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The Panic Room Based On :
Premise/Synopsis :
Mother and Daughter hide in a 'panic room' while their house is burgled.....
Genre :

Official Site :
Fan Sites :
Trailer : Quicktime (various res)
Released By : Columbia Pictures

Status : Released

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Latest updates

Gareth has just sent in our first review of David Fincher's Panic Room.

"Foster and Whitaker are great, but they are given little to work with aside from a stock situation of intruders in a home and without edge of your seat suspense, the film falls flat. Even when danger is present, the audience does not get as caught up in the situation as a film of this type would require. The big problem is the character of Meg, as she is far too intelligent for the intruders and she is always one step ahead of them. She also possesses some unexplained yet outstanding practical applications of science and electronics, which she uses to thwart the bad guys". (Full review)


Coming Soon scored a pic from David Fincher's Panic Room, set for US release on March 8th 2002. Check out the pic on the right and click on it to be transported to their site.

Panic Room's official website is now online and it states that the film will hit US theatres on March 8th 2002.


The teaser trailer, the first one online is now up at CineMovies. Click the link to go there. Also, i've added the European poster for the movie to wet your whistle. Check that out above.

: The Panic Room is David Fincher's next directorial outing that is being planned for release on 1st February 2002.

The Panic Room has quite an interesting concept in that the movie centres on Meg Altman and her daughter Sarah Altman , played by Jodie Foster Kristen Stewart, and who hide in a room called a 'panic room' that is stocked with food and water for use in emergency situations such as burglary. This is exactly what happens and they are burgled by a team of burglars played by Forest Whitaker, Jared Leto and Dwight Yoakam. The movie is set in a brownstone apartment in New York, the mother and daughter watch the burglars on CCTV and they then must make choices over what to do.....

Interestingly from a script point of view, Andrew Kevin Walker has a cameo in this movie, Walker is the screenwriter of Seven , and he is billed as Meg's sleepy neighbour and is apparently important to the plot. The bulk of the movie is set within the house so I presume it will be mainly dialogue based, there is a Visal FX Supervisor attached to the movie, so I presume there are some FX of some kind, but in what way?

Nicole Kidman was the first actress to sign up for the role as Meg, but she had to pull out of the role at the start of the year due to knee problems. Jodie Foster and Robin Wright Penn were both thought to be up for the role, and Jodie Foster ended up bagging it.

Also rumoured about for the movie was Sandra Bullock and Ridley Scott was rumoured for the directors chair.

Filming happened between January to April of this year and the movie is currently in post production awaiting its release. It was originally scheduled for this summer, but got pushed back, I'm not sure if it was pushed back due to filming overruns or the pull out of Nicole Kidman.

You can find a review of the script by mr script himself Stax at his own website.

David Fincher apparently insisted on final cut of The Panic Room as part of the deal for him to be signed on as director. After the ruckus of Fight Club and the cut's that had, I can see why he would insist for it on this. But does that mean that The Panic Room will have as incendiary dialogue as Fight Club? Or will The Panic Room concentrate on the pyschological aspects, one thing I am confident of is that the movie will be 'dark'. None of Finchers previous movies could ever be described as 'light'.

More news on The Panic Room as we get it!

Date Page Created : 28th June 2001

This page has no intention to infringe on the rights of the film and intellectual copyright holders of The Panic Room & hold copyright over the movie, characters, merchandise & storyline.

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