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Kevin Costner, Kathy Bates, Alison Lohman
Written by Brandon Camp, David Seltzer and Mike Thompson
Directed by Tom Shadyac

Official site:
Trailer: Quicktime Low Res | Med Res | High Res
Traile #2: Quicktime (Various)

Released by
Status: Incoming
ETA: February 22nd 2002 (US)

Plot: A doctor believes that he's receiving a message via the near-death experiences of his patients--a message from his deceased wife.

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Latest Updates

'Gil' has just sent in our first review of Dragonfly and it's fairly positive with a total of 3.5 out of 5 stars. Here's Gil....

Dragonfly has a good number of spooky, eerie and scary moments in between long dry spells. Director Tom Shadyac known for his big comedies such as The Nutty Professor tries his hand this time on something serious and succeeds about half the time. He knows how to get you jumpy but seems to forget about fixing the slow pacing of the film.
Between the wonderful paranormal you-can-scream-to-scenes and some warm fuzzy dialogue, you can probably take a nap and still make it to the bombshell ending. (Full review)

Apple have just posted the second trailer for Tom Shadyac's Dargonfly, starring Kevin Costner opposite Kathy Bates. Go see it.......

Apple posted the high quality Dragonfly trailer over at their site. Go there to check it out. Hmm, really not sure about this one, looks a little Sixth Sense esque. Can Tom Shadyac redeem himself after Patch Adams! Who knows, but we'll see when the film is released in the States next month.

Long time since I updated this page! Well, the official site is now online as too is the trailer. The release date for Dragonfly is February 22nd 2002.

Trailer: Quicktime Low Res | Med Res | High Res

Update: 8/4/01
- TNMC have posted a script review for Dragonfly over at their site. The film, from this review sounds promising linking the films subject matter, the after life, with such films as Ghost and The Sixth Sense. A positive script review though, 'They handle the touchy subject very well and I think people from both sides of this issue will be satisfied with their resolutions.' but, '
A poor performance will doom this film, but I have high hopes for this project because I thought Costner broke his slump with 13 Days'. Read their review by clicking here.

Update 19/3/01

All images (c)
From left - Venezuelan Indian extras on the set, the cast and crew with Costner dead centre in blue shirt.

The Hawaii Movie Tour website has posted a whole load of photos that they have taken of the shoot on Kauai earlier on in the year (between February 1st and 28th). Check out the few samples above, but for the huge series please point your clicker here. The film itself was described by Variety back last year as "one of the best unmade scripts in Hollywood." The production, now well underway is finally going to make it to our screens, later in the year.

This page has no intention to infringe on the rights of the film and intellectual copyright holders ofDragonfly & hold copyright over the movie, characters, merchandise & storyline.

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