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Kevin Costner, Kathy Bates, Alison Lohman
Written by Brandon Camp, David Seltzer and Mike Thompson
Directed by Tom Shadyac

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ETA: February 22nd 2002 (US)

Kevin Costner is Dr. Joe Darrow, the head of emergency services for Chicago Memorial Hospital in the supernatural drama Dragonfly. His wife Emily Darrow (Susanna Thompson) gets killed in a bus accident on a remote mountain road in Venezuela while on a mission helping the poor and needy. Her body is never recovered.

Without being able to bury his wife, Joe can’t seem to get closure. He starts acting strange. Emily had a birth mark on her shoulder that looked like a dragonfly and now Joe starts seeing dragonflies almost everywhere. Their relationship and love was so strong that it’s very hard for him to let go.

His weird behavior increases after he visits Emily’s former patients in the pediatric oncology ward. Joe promised to look after the kids when his wife left for some isolated region of Venezuela. All the kids he visits are drawing the same mysterious symbol. Furthermore, the kids keep telling him that his wife is trying to contact him to tell him something important.

Joe becomes obsessed with finding out what his dead wife is trying communicate to him while everybody around him thinks he has gone nuts except the children and Sister Madeline (Linda Hunt).

To further tell the story might give too much away so just expect a lot of twists and turns. That’s not all folks, you sure want to stay till the very surprising and potent ending to get a real shocker.

Dragonfly has a good number of spooky, eerie and scary moments in between long dry spells. Director Tom Shadyac known for his big comedies such as The Nutty Professor tries his hand this time on something serious and succeeds about half the time. He knows how to get you jumpy but seems to forget about fixing the slow pacing of the film.

Between the wonderful paranormal you-can-scream-to-scenes and some warm fuzzy dialogue, you can probably take a nap and still make it to the bombshell ending.

The acting varies from dull to wonderful. Kevin as usual plays it very low key and rarely strays into the mercurial.

Full of touchy feely moments, Dragonfly will definitely work as a date flick and should warm the heart of many couples.

3.5 out of 5


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