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Starring : Ben Affleck, Colin Farrell, Jennifer Garner, Michael Clarke Duncan, Jon Favreau, Ellen Pompeo, Coolio
Written by :
Mark Steven Johnson
Directed by :
Mark Steven Johnson
Based On :
Daredevil (Marvel comic book character)
Created by:

View the trailer: Unavailable

Released by : New Regency
ETA: February 14th , 2003
Development Status

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Latest updates on Daredevil

29th May 2002: Daredevil Updated:
I don't quite know who was first with these pics, but Joblo have posted two images that show the Daredevil costume up close. Check them out over at their site.

Also, footage from Daredevil will be broadcast during MTV Movie House next week (June 4th). We're also told that the first teaser from Daredevil will hit cinemas when Minority Report is released on June 21st (US only).

27th May 2002: Daredevil Update:
Daredevil's US release has been put back from January 17th 2002 to Valentine's Day.

20th May 2002: Daredevil Update:
Added the first official image of Ben Affleck in costume as Daredevil. Click on the image at the top of the page for a larger version.

8th May 2002: Daredevil Update:
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have been talking about Dardevil. First off, Jennifer Garner spoke to 'Entertainment Weekly' about her role as Elektra.

The $75 million "Daredevil" stars Ben Affleck as the blind attorney who seeks further justice as a costumed crime fighter; with Michael Clarke Duncan as his nemesis Kingpin and Jennifer Garner ("Alias") on board as his ninja-trained love interest Elektra: "I'm really looking forward to doing a love story," she says. "The scenes are really witty and romantic and sweet and always with a touch of darkness." Garner's deal includes options for two sequels-one of which will focus on Elektra.

As for Affleck, well Cinescape spoke to him about his role.

Call him “The Man With a Reasonable Amount of Fear.”

Ben Affleck may be currently spending his days squeezed into the horn-headed crimson costume of Marvel Comics’ Daredevil, but the actor is quick to point out he’s no superhero in real life – particularly when it comes to “The Man With No Fear’s” famously acrobatic fighting moves. Affleck may have put in five weeks of gymnastic training to prepare for the role, but he has no illusions about pulling off the bulk of the complex stuntwork in 20th Century Fox’s upcoming DAREDEVIL film adaptation.

“They kind of indulge me by letting me do a couple of things,” Affleck says, “and then they say, ‘Let’s bring in the world-class gymnast. We know you worked really hard for five weeks, but …’ And so that’s how that goes. What are you gonna do? You let the [stuntman] do it, and it looks good, and you kind of stand there on the side and watch him and go, ‘Wow, I can really do triple flips!’”
(also appeared at

More Daredevil castings news and US hip hop star Coolio has landed a role in the film. The size of role and indeed character he plays is still unknown. Source: Variety.

Ben Affleck has been talking about Daredevil to Access Hollywood. "I thought that if this thing goes by and I had the opportunity to do it and I didn't then I'll always regret it," said Affleck, who plays the title role. He also went into how he would look in the film, "[referring to his costume] not actually tights... but yes, I'm in training and learning how to do martial arts and all that stuff. I'm dying my hair red actually. Well, not really red. They kind of chickened out at the last minute – it's like a mild red. I had longer hair for Gigli and now I'm going to cut it, and it's going to be different."

It also seems that Daredevil has been penciled in for a January 17th, 2003 release in the US.

Writer and director Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats) has been talking about his role in the now shooting Daredevil movie. Check out the Q + A session below along with the first pic from the set.


KS: "Pretty Awesome! It's sort of like playing Daredevil himself - which I'm not in the shape for. It was really generous of [director] Mark [Steven Johnson] to put me in the film."


KS: "I play a forensics assistant who is willing to take some cash to give Urich the inside dope."


KS: "When I did a costume fitting, they let me take a peek at the Daredevil costume and it is flat-out phenomenal! It's as close as you can get to the comic book page without looking ridiculous. These guys know what they're doing.


KS: "Mark is as passionate - if not more so - than anyone can be about making a 'Daredevil' movie. He's done heavy-duty research. He's read all the important Daredevil work, and the not-so-important Daredevil work - like my own - and he's certainly not going to let any Daredevil fans down from what I've seen.


KS: "As long as Affleck leaves his ham-fisted theatrics - the ones he lends to my pictures - in the trailer, he'll be awesome. He's always been a big fan, long before the film was a twinkle in anyone's mind. Ben has always said that the only movie he would ever put a costume on for would be a Daredevil flick. This is probably a dream come true for him."


KS: "I think Mark [Steven Johnson] got incredibly lucky to surround himself with a cast so willing to put on funny outfits - in addition to the fact that they're pretty intelligent, believable, strong performers."


KS: "I was delighted when I saw his name on the call sheet. I mean, 'Guido the Killer Pimp!' [from "Risky Business"]. You can throw a rock and you hit a stellar performance from Joe Pantoliano: 'Goonies,' 'The Matrix,' 'The Sopranos,' 'The Fugitive.' He's incredibly well-cast in this role.

The interview moved on to talk to director Mark Steven Johnson, who also talked about Kevin Smith.


MSJ: "Kevin is the reason I'm back into Daredevil. I'd been a fan of 'Daredevil' my whole life, but at some point I lost interest until Kevin's 'Guardian Angel' storyline came out. Then I got back into it in full force."

Appeared at Dark Horizons and

IGN Filmforce reports that Ellen Pompeo has been cast as Karen Page in Daredevil. Pompeo was last seen in Showtime and will also soon be seen in the upcoming Spielberg movie Catch Me If You Can
opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. Karen Page is Matt Murdock (Daredevil, himself) and his partner Foggy Nelson's law firm secretary. In the comic book series she has also been a partner of Murdock's in the past. It's also noted by the site that in the film the role of Page is relatively minor.

Aint It Cool have posted news that Foggy Nelson has benn cast in Daredevil. The part goes to Jon Favreau (Made, Swingers). The project is now shaping up with all of the main characters cast.

Some concept art for some of the costumes that'll be used in the upcoming Daredevil movie are available to see online. They're designed by Tim Flattery, who has worked on such movies as AI and Batman. Check out his designs here.

Jennifer Garner has now been confirmed as Elektra in the new Daredevil movie according to IGN FilmForce. Also, The Green Mile star Michael Clarke Duncan will also star as Wilson Fisk, also known as The Kingpin. The casting of Matt Murdock's law partner Foggy Nelson should be announced shortly. Daredevil begins shooting in March of this year.

Another Elektra casting rumour! Yes it appears that the role still hasn't officially been cast. Jennifer Garner (reported below) is still favourite but it seems that Italian actress Monica Belucci is also in the running. But, another report says that Belucci is starring in another film with Bruce Willis and the schedules collide.

Word is that Elektra will be Jennifer Garner from TV's Alias. Aint It Cool were first with the news, and you can check out their page which includes some great pics of the stunning actress herself. Go now.......

We here from reliable sources that the role of Elektra in Daredevil has now indeed been cast, expect an official announcement within the next few days. We also hear that both Michael Clarke Duncan and Colin Farrell (Tigerland) are linked to the project.


Aint It Cool posted news today that the following actresses have been brought in to audition for the role of Elektra in the Daredevil. To update the page and for the benefit of people who don't know, Ben Affleck has already been cast in the lead role. Anyway, those rumoured to have auditioned for the role of Elektra are Jessica Alba, Salma Hayek, Katie Holmes and Rhona Mitra. The scooper didn't seem to know who the last person on that list was. Well Rhona Mitra has appeared in such films as Croupier, the Stallone Get Carter remake and had a small role in Hollow Man, but shes most famous in this country for once donning the skimpy shorts and skin tight top as Lara Croft. She was Lara for a brief time promoting the Eidos video game in the UK. Anyway, back to Elektra, and in the same report (and I heard this back last week), the scooper states that they've found the perfect Elektra in the form of an unknown Greek actress! But, what I could deduce from the report is that Avi Arad and director Mark Steven Johnson haven't yet met with this actress and studio execs are trying to stop them from doing so, thus maybe bringing in these aforementioned actresses (the 'bigger' and more' well known' names) to audition. What a saga!

We'll keep you posted, but read the full Aint It Cool News report.

Previous Updates - This is another movie that has had a lot of twists and turns in development and is still not on the screen. Which is a shame as Daredevil (when written correctly) is one of marvel's more interesting characters. Daredevil is Matt Murdock a blind attorney who has heightened senses and no superpowers. In the hands of Frank Miller a truly human character was fleshed out, and drawing on this it could have made for a very good comic to film conversion.

But there's a lot of journey on the way already. First of all teh project was in development over at 20th Century Fox with J.M. DeMatteis woring on a script with Chris Columbus lined up to produce and Carlo Carlei to direct.

But things got into a bit of a mess and Fox put the movie into turnaround, and their option expired. J.M. DeMatteis had this to say about the problems at the time "Daredevil is no longer at Fox and, no, I am not currently working on the screenplay. As far as I know, no one is. Chris Columbus' 1492 Pictures is still very interested in going ahead with this , but until the current Marvel legal mess is cleared up, the project is in limbo."

Marvel's legal position was a bit of a mess for a few years especially around the period when it had to file for bankruptcy, so no wonder things were in limbo.

Then about 3 years back rumours started up again with Kevin Smith being rumoured to be taking the director's chair. Now this rumour had have some basis as he had just started a run of writing a revamped Daredevil comic for Marvel.Rumours at that time also had Matt Damon playing the role of Daredevil.

Also at this time word came in that Disney were prepping the project with Mark Steven Johnson being lined up to direct. At this time the Matt Damon rumour was debunked as being nothing other than Matt Damon being a fan of the book.

Interestingly around this time it was found that Sony Pictures had snapped up , now was this just in case or was there more firmer plans?

Some new names dropped into discussion with Stephen Norrington being rumoured to direct and Carl Baker to do the script. Kevin Smith then dropped himself out of the running "I've never been asked, nor have I ever asked myself, to direct a DD movie."

Now you had probably forgotten already that Mark Steven Johnson had been rumoured for the directing job, well at this stage his name came back into consideration, with a scooper revealing that he was "beyond feverish fanaticism concerning this film." This project was now over at Columbia Pictures with rpoducer Gary Foster and Avi Arad producing for Marvel.

Word then came in that Avi Arad at Marvel had moved the project over to New Regency as they apparently gave arvel a better deal than Sony and Daredevil was being prepped for a 2003 release date. Mark Steven Johnson was still attached to the project. Arnon Milchan is producing the movie for New Regency.

And this is pretty much as far as things have gotten , it looks like Johnson is writing the script over at New Regency, that was late last year so you never know it may not be that long before we hear some


This page has no intention to infringe on the rights of the film and intellectual copyright holders of Daredevil & hold copyright over the movie, characters, merchandise & storyline.

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