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The World Is Not Enough  

James Bond (Pierce Brosnan)
Elektra King (Sophie Marceau)
Renard (Robert Carlyle)
Dr. Christmas Jones (Denise Richards)
M (Judi Dench)
Dr. Holly Warmflash (Serena Scott Thomas)

Directed by Michael Apted Written by Bruce Feirstein and Neal Purvis
Rated PG-13 for sexuality and intense violent action sequences
Running Time: 128 minutes Distributed by MGM

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The World is Not Enough is another 90's James Bond film that has big action and no style. The world's greatest secret agent, James Bond (Brosnan) returns in the 19th installment of the franchise. This time 007's assignment is to protect Elektra King (Marceau), the heir of a British oil tycoon, from Renard (Carlyle), a Russian terrorist. Renard is a villain that feels no physical pain. Unfortunately, King double crosses Bond and the world's oil supply becomes a key in Renard's terrorist plans. Now, Bond must take on Renard and Elektra with the help a nuclear scientist, Dr. Christmas Jones (Richards).

The World is Not Enough is a well-written Bond film. However, the style that the original Bond films brought to the screen is all but dead in the 90's versions. There is no more psychological mind games or any good cat and mouse chase scenes in the latest versions. The 90's Bond films just contain too many explosions and too much violence.

Bruce Feirstein and Neil Purvis wrote The World is Not Enough. The script is written effectively with a nice villain. Renard is one of the best Bond villains ever created. He is a hot-tempered terrorist who can not feel any pain. Renard really becomes the best thing in The World is Not Enough. In the script, the memorable character "Q" retires, which I didn't like. However, this choice might have been made outside of the script.

Pierce Brosnan is pretty good once again as 007. Brosnan took over the helm as James Bond in 1995 with Goldeneye. Robert Carlyle is adequate as the villain Renard. Carlyle takes what the script gives him and develops a very evil villain. Sophie Marceau is also elegant as the backstabbing Elektra King. The worst thing in The World is Not Enough is Denise Richards. Richards plays Dr. Christmas Jones, who is Bond's young love interest. I have no idea of why she was in this film. She flat out sucks. She is one of the worst actresses in Hollywood. She injects no life in her character. I just do not know how Denise Richards was considered to be a Bond girl.

The World is Not Enough is a film that will probably draw audiences in theaters and make a lot of money. In my opinion, I just do not like all the "90's action" mixed in with one of the coolest characters ever created.

Report Card Grade: C-

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